Bilco Amps News for 08-25-2018

Plaza Midwood is getting a boutique guitar shop this summer

His father bought him his first guitar, an Epiphone, in 1978, and he’s played off and on ever since. The guitar still sits in his parent’s beach house. Today, Armstrong works as a construction manager with a passion for guitars. Rennie explained to Armstrong that he actually built the guitar, which fascinated Armstrong. The guitars that are handmade tend to be more unique than those that are mass-produced, he told me, but it’s hard to find them in a showroom because everything is sold on the internet and, chances are, out of someone’s house. 

The Karras Building, between Sole Society and Buffalo Exchange, was established in 1946 and just makes sense. On top of that, Plaza Midwood is in the center of town and easily accessible from all points. Armstrong signed on the building in March and plans to obtain all permits by June to have renovations done by August. He’s shooting for a late August, possibly early September, showroom opening. If you can’t wait, there are plans to begin online sales late this month. 

No, you can’t sign your kids up for lessons, but there will be on-site luthier and guitar repair, a collection of unique, handmade guitars ranging from $1,500 to $3,500 and special events that include having local musicians play. Midwood Guitar Studio is still in early development, so no social media has been created for the business as of yet, but you can see a temporary webpage here. 

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SOTI turns focus to channel with new trans-Tasman leader

Mobile and IoT device management provider, SOTI, has hired Michael Dyson as its new managing director for Australia and New Zealand. Prior to taking up this role, Dyson spent almost two years as the general manager of Advanced Mobile IT and also worked for Panasonic within its ToughBook division. Dyson also amassed more than 10 years experience with Australian distributor, Multimedia Technology. When speaking to ARN, Dyson said the vendor has had a local presence for a while, and decided to modify its approach to the Asia Pacific market, placing more dedicated resources in specific areas. As a result, Dyson will report to SOTI vice president of global sales, Rob Auld. 

Across A/NZ, Dyson said SOTI has been growing quickly and he will be looking to understand the type of mechanisms and support in place for partners at the moment, and what adjustments need to be made. On a global scale, SOTI has more than 700 employees across 22 countries, with seven offices worldwide, and a network of 3000 partners. According to Gartner, worldwide spending on devices is projected to grow 3.8 per cent in 2017, up from the previous quarter’s forecast of 1.7 per cent. Gartner pointed out that 5G, artificial intelligence and behavioural biometrics on smartphones are some of the technologies that will fuel its adoption. 

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valdosta musical instruments

Apr 22Epiphone SG custom shop electric guitar $275. pic map. Apr 22Ibanez mandolin m510-bs, great condition, barely played, LOOK! $80. pic map. Apr 22Custom made banjolin, very cool piece, can be set to sound great, LOOK! $100. 

pic map. Apr 22Fender FR-50 CE dobro type guitar, with nice case, great shape, LOOK! $400. pic map. Apr 22Dean EAB Zebra bass, very nice gig bag, great condition, LOOK! $160. pic map. 

Apr 22Japanese Hohner acoustic HG 300 1977 with nice case, great condition LOOK! $400. pic map. Apr 22Ibanez 12 string exotic wood, great condition with nice case LOOK! $360. pic map. Apr 22Weissenborn copy Hawaiian lap steel very nice guitar, with excellent case LOOK! $600. 

pic map. Apr 22Peavey Powerslide Lap steel slide guitar, excellent shape with original gig bag $220. pic map. Apr 22Fender Frontman 15 practice amp, works great LOOK! $40. pic map. 

Apr 22Kustom KPM 210 Monitor like new never used, great sound, LOOK! $120. pic map. Apr 22Bristol Acoustic guitar $75. pic map. 

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texoma musical instruments

Aug 21Ibanez rg470 japanese $500. pic map. Aug 19Buffet clarinet – Good cond; teacher approved; MONEY-BACK guarantee! $235. pic map. Aug 13marshall valvestate 2000 $145. 

pic map. Aug 13Epiphone les paul 100 $185. pic map. Aug 13Fender sidkick 65 reverb and 65 bass amps $400. pic map. 

Jul 15Musical Instruments for sale or trade $999. pic map. Aug 212 Yamaha DXR10 Speakers with bags $700. pic map. Aug 21Fender Epiphone electric guitar + amp $175. 

pic map. Aug 21Marshall AS50D acoustic instruments guitar violin vocalists $200. pic map. Aug 21Decorative musical instruments: 3 French horns $6. pic map. 

Aug 21FENDER BASSMAN 50 amp head $500. pic map. Aug 21ovation acoustic guitar electric pick up pic map. 

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Armidale Folk Museum :: MGNSW

The Armidale Folk Museum is conducted by Armidale Dumaresq Council and traces its origins back to 1933. It is housed in the magnificent 1863 Armidale Literary Institute and traces the history of this New England city. Visitors marvel at the White family’s large English coach, used by the State Governor during his tour of Armidale more than a century ago. A wide range of exhibits shows everyday life and work in the past, and of the citizen’s solemn sacrifice in times of war. From the humble child’s doll carved in wood by her settler father, to the grand Buchanan Silver Tea service, presented by grateful citizens in 1879, our museum has something for everyone. 

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