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Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof’s haunting home videos of shooting practice revealed

Growing up, in school, the White and black kids would make racial jokes toward each other, but all they were were jokes. There were pages upon pages of these brutal black on White murders. Europe is the homeland of White people, and in many ways the situation is even worse there. Black people are racially aware almost from birth, but White people on average dont [sic] think about race in their daily lives. Even today, blacks are subconsciously viewed by White people are [sic] lower beings. 

Modern history classes instill a subconscious White superiority complex in Whites and an inferiority complex in blacks. Anyone who thinks that White and black people look as different as we do on the outside, but are somehow magically the same on the inside, is delusional. In a modern history class it is always emphasized that, when talking about ‘bad’ things Whites have done in history, they were White. Stop.Jews.Unlike many White naitonalists [sic], I am of the opinion that the majority of American and European Jews are White. The problem is that Jews look White, and in many cases are White, yet they see themselves as minorities. 

People pretending like they have something to be proud [of] while White people are being murdered daily in the streets. I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country. 

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Welcome to the Amazon Baby Registry, where we can help make your dreams come true! Okay, that’s a stretch, but we do have everything you need for your baby and SO much more! Amazon Baby Registry lets you easily find and keep track of everything you need for your new baby in one convenient place. No really, you can add items from ANY site to your Amazon Baby Registry with the touch of a button. To find ideas for your baby registry must-haves, follow our handy Registry Checklist and search through other registries for inspiration. 

You can also browse the most popular baby registry gifts and find lists of top-rated baby products to add the best high chairs, cribs, car seats, bottles and other essentials to your Amazon Baby Registry. To make shopping even more convenient, we let customers ship gifts to your chosen Amazon Baby Registry address. An automatically generated Thank You list provides everything you need to send your gift-giver a thank-you note. To help you prepare for your little arrival, your Amazon Baby Registry includes a completion discount on select items in the Baby, Beauty, Grocery, Drugstore, and Toys Departments. The discount offer is 10% or upgraded to 15% for Amazon Prime members, compliments of Amazon Family. 

Happy shopping, planning and CONGRATULATIONS! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you prepare for your little one. 

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Perdido Key RV ResortPlaya del Rio – Perdido Key RV Resort

A small, quaint boutique waterfront RV Resort, perfectly situated on Perdido Key Island, Playa del Rio is the only RV Resort on the coast with water at both ends of the RV Park. The back of our resort is directly on the bay with boating access on Old River at our resort marina, and the entrance of our property is located directly across the street from the beach with our own private beach access dune walkover to the Gulf of Mexico. Just a little laid back RV Park at the beach! where It’s Like Living in a Postcard! The Latest from Facebook Join us for Muffulleta Monday on the Rio Riverside Patio! 

Thank you John & Patsy G. for making the NOLA run for the sandwiches and Cajun sausages that go great with Markaritas on Monday’s! …. Only at the Playa del Rio! … See More.See Less.Photo. If you’re going to be at the beach on the weekend of April 21st, plan to join us for our annual mid-year FBISF Songwriter Appreciation Cookout. 

This year we have a Memphis in May First Place World Champion Winner smoking Ribs and a whole hog with all the sides and fixings. BYOB and plan to spend a great day of food, drink and live music on the water with family and friends. 

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Excalibur Hotel & Casino: Las Vegas

No Hidden FeesYour online total includes all taxes and fees; other travel sites often charge extra hidden fees for online bookings. By booking online you also avoid paying our additional $10 fee associated with phone-based reservations. Book Now, Finish Paying LaterYou are only required to put down a one-night deposit and tax when you book your reservation online. 72-Hour Cancellation PolicyReceive a full refund if you decide to cancel your reservation no later than 72 hours prior to your arrival, unless specifically excluded by booked offer. Other travel sites may charge you for cancellations. Customer ServiceReserving on our sites is quick, clear, and convenient. 

If you have any questions, you can access support anytime. Best Hotel InformationGet the most robust information about our hotels right on our sites. Get everything from guest room info to show and dining reservations, plus a full collection of hotel imagery. Best Place to Earn M life Rewards Tier CreditsOur sites are the only place you can earn M life Rewards Tier Credits for every booking. Access to Exclusive OffersIf you enroll in M life Rewards, you’ll receive exclusive deals and our best rates from us via email. 

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SpeakerFreak95’s Discount Uber Service!

Minute 45 Review

Minute’s 45 amplifier comes from SAC Thailand, a small boutique audio manufacturer based in Thailand, famous for making world-class output transformers and transformer based volume controls. The Minute 45 is a custom build amp based on the Minute 300B, so you’re not going to find it listed in SAC’s website. If you wish to, SAC can build you an amplifier that will accommodate both the 45 and the 300B tube, but according to them, best sound is achieved when you dedicate the design solely to one tube type, so this build is strictly a 45 tube amplifier. Along with the standard 1/4″ TRS out, the Minute also comes with 4-pin XLRs for the AKG K1000 and speaker taps at the back with a power rating of 1.5Watts at 16 Ohms. Comparing the Minute 45 to the Woo Audio WA5 side by side reveals that the two doesn’t sound anything remotely similar. The Minute is very mellow, mid-centric, analog, very slow-paced, and absolutely romantic sounding. The WA5 and the Minute 45 are absolutely opposites when it comes to their sound. I found that the difference in sound signature, the dynamic Woo versus the mellow Minute, the clean black background Woo versus the analog grainy Minute ultimately determines which amp would be best for someone looking for a high end tube amp. On the other hand, for singers like Norah Jones, Corrine Bailey Rae, or Tracy Chapman, the Minute 45 is the more fitting amp as mellow presentation fits very well the character of the vocals. On the other hand, the Minute is about ambiance, the feel on the venue where the recording was taken, and the sound of the air combined with the grain in the master tape. Some people may prefer the black background soundscape of the Woo, but the Minute has the better depth, layering, and ambiance. The Woo for a clear dynamic voice, and the Minute for a warm and analog sound.

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Marina Inn at Grande Dunes

The Marina Inn at Grande Dunes, a premier luxury hotel located in Myrtle Beach SC inside the Grande Dunes Resort. Offers outstanding amenities and service far above any other hotel in Myrtle Beach. Tucked away in peaceful seclusion yet centrally located South Carolina resort between N Myrtle Beach and South Myrtle Beach and just minutes to all of the Myrtle Beach area attractions. Our guests continually award the Marina Inn Myrtle Beach with top recognitions such as AAA four diamond since opening, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, Family Vacation Critic Top Hotel, Orbitz Best in Stay Elite and more! Experience grande Mediterranean inspired accommodations and fill your vacation in Myrtle Beach. You and your family can do everything or do nothing! Our 2200 acre Grande Dunes Myrtle Beach luxury resort. The Marina Inn provides a 5 minute shuttle ride to our private beach area providing full amenities including chairs, towels, umbrellas and facilities for our guests. For an afternoon of adventure, walk over to the Grande Dunes marina and rent some jet skis for a dolphin tour or a pontoon boat for a relaxing ride. Play 9 or 18 holes on the championship Grande Dunes Resort Club or tennis at the Grande Dunes Tennis Club. Reflections Lobby Bar offers casual dining overlooking the pool and Grande Dunes Marina. Just a few steps away is Ruths Chris Steakhouse for signature steaks and the locals favorite Anchor Café for your favorite cocktail located at the Grande Dunes marina overlooking the waterway and golf course. Centrally located in the spectacular 6600 acre Grand Dunes Resort Myrtle Beach SC; experience why the luxurious Marina Inn at Grande Dunes is a destination like no other resort hotel in Myrtle Beach!

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boutique pedals – Pro Tone Pedals

Problem is- their average bar is $7, even at that price I gladly buy 3 or 4 at a time because I know that I’m getting is something special. Something made from the best ingredients by a guy in my neighborhood that has a passion for what he does and a funky aesthetic and at the end of the day the flavors are perfect- FOR ME. Its not dumbed down to lowest common denominator. I recently picked up an older American Amp Maker X tube combo amp. Its got a great clean channel, but the distortion side wasn’t even a good Hershey’s bar clone. Given the era of the amp I don’t think I have much room to complain. The amp was designed and built in an era not known for ground breaking tone. In an effort to appeal to as large an audience as possible, American Amp Maker X released something that, by today’s standards, is almost unusable. The same way Hershey’s bars are inedible by the standards set by Sweeteeth Chocolate. When you design something with the intention of producing 100,000 of them- you want to sell all 100,000. I guess what it boils down to is this: To get your own voice- expect to do/buy/make/invent something that isn’t mass produced. The vast majority of retailers, and boutique manufacturers for that matter, offer great return policies on the gear they sell. To make that investment even easier Pro Tone Pedals is bringing back payment installments! In 2010 Pro Tone made history by being the 1st boutique pedal manufacturer to offer payment installments and we’re bringing em back! We’ll break your payments into 3 equal installments- the 1st payment gets your order into our build queue, the 2nd payment ships it out, and the 3rd will come after you’ve been rocking your new gear for a while.

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Siesta Key Beach Vacation Rentals

If you are looking for Siesta Key accommodations, you’ve come to the right place! The Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce website is a valuable source of information on Siesta Key Beach accommodations and all things Siesta Key. We invite you to browse through our website and, if you have any questions, or if there is anything we can do to help you plan your vacation on Siesta Key, please don’t hesitate to give as a call. Siesta Key has several areas, all with their own, unique character. Whether you’re looking for a cozy Siesta Key Bungalow for a romantic weekend or accommodations large enough for the whole family, Siesta Key has everything you need to make your Florida vacation one you won’t soon forget! Siesta Key has hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and all kinds of vacation rental properties including private villas, gulf-front condominiums, deluxe townhouses, and homes with 3 or more bedrooms just a few steps away from the azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the crystal white sands of the best beach in the nation. With only one public access road, Crescent Beach offers a quieter, more secluded beach experience that is perfect for a romantic get-away or a peaceful family vacation. Just south of Siesta Beach, you’ll be close to all the shops, restaurants, and the exciting night life of Siesta Key Village and the Sarasota Mainland, but with plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the soothing gulf breeze and breathtaking sunsets. Turtle Beach is the southern tip of Siesta Key and it offers a sportier beach experience away from the crowds of the Public Beach area. Siesta Key Village is a great place to enjoy nightlife on the key. You’ll be within walking distance of shopping, dining, and Siesta Public Beach, the #1 beach in the United States. There are over a dozen Property Management companies available to help you find just the right place while on Siesta Key or the neighboring communities.

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Charleston arsonist wanted in attack on sleeping woman

Manhunt for arson suspect underway in Charleston, West Virginia on MondayRachele Jarrett, 44, in critical condition after being set on fire Sunday morningSuspect doused her with gasoline and lit her on fire while she was sleepingRan down the street and kicked in the door to home in another attempted arson Police are seeking the arson suspect who set a woman on fire while she was sleeping on a front porch. Rachele Jarrett, 44, remains in critical condition with severe burns after a male suspect doused her with gasoline and lit her on fire around 6am on Sunday in Charleston, West Virginia. Police released a photo of the suspect showing a black male with a shaved head and slim build wearing a blue ballcap, New York Yankees logo T-shirt and jean shorts, carrying a red gas can. Jarrett, who may be homeless, was asleep on the porch of an unoccupied home when the vicious arson attack took place. The suspect checked into a homeless shelter over the weekend and is also believed to be homeless. The suspect doused Jarrett in gasoline and set her ablaze, in a fire that quickly engulfed the house on Randolph Street, in the city’s West Side.’It’s not something that we see very often,’ Charleston Police Lt. Steve Cooper told WSAZ.’It’s extremely heinous. Police say that minutes after setting Jarrett alight, a male matching the suspect’s description kicked in the door to a home about a block away. He began pouring an accelerant on the floor and tried to light that home on fire as well, police say. The residents heard the commotion and intervened stopping the arsonist before he managed to set their home ablaze. Police have not released a motive for either attack at this time. The suspect will face multiple felony charges when apprehended, police say. Anyone with information about the suspect is urged to contact Charleston Police at 304-348-8111.

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Las Vegas November 2018: Shows, Concerts, Events amp; Nightclubs

PBR: Las Vegas is home to both of the world’s premiere rodeo finals. Tours: With outdoor temperatures averaging around 55º F, November is also a great time to hike through Red Rock Canyon, tour the Hoover Dam, rent an ATV, helicopter through the Las Vegas Valley or the Grand Canyon, or drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini at one of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s three exotic car racing experiences. Walk The Strip: Fall offers pleasant weather for strolling the 4.2-mile Las Vegas Boulevard, which offers visitors the chance to see sights on the Strip, Fremont Street, and everything in between. Be sure to use our interactive Las Vegas Strip Map to help you navigate. As the name suggest, the first Friday of every month, a community of artists, musicians, and chefs gathers in Las Vegas’ Art District to dance, drink, and celebrate their crafts. November 3rd’s event starts at 6 p.m., lasting officially until 10 p.m., but attendees frequent nearby bars following the main event until all hours of the night. Guns N Roses returns to Las Vegas to rock T-Mobile Arena on November 17, complete with Slash and Duff McKagan and the whole reunited crew. Tim Allen and Jim Jefferies pay Vegas visits for a series of shows at the same theater at the beginning and end of the month, respectively. Though the NHL has yet to announce its schedule, you can be sure the Las Vegas Golden Knights will play several games at T-Mobile Arena. Thanksgiving falls early in 2017, on Thursday, November 23. As with any long weekend, travelers from across the country flock to Las Vegas to partake in shopping, dining, and nightlife. Menus both on and off the Strip feature Vegas twists on Thanksgiving classics, like Holstein’s turkey burger topped with cranberry relish, stuffing, and gravy, as well as scrumptious seasonal cuisine from celebrity chefs.

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Bilco Amps News for 03-19-2018

At Choice Hotels, we know how important your trips are to you. We’re proud to help you find hotels that make it possible for you to connect with the people who matter most. Whether you are seeking leisure or business hotels, in the U.S. or around the globe, with more than 6,500 hotels in over 35 countries and territories our hotels are never far from where you need to be. You can always count on our hotels for a warm welcome and real value, and with our Choice Privileges® rewards program we ensure that travel is as rewarding as possible. Choice requires environmentally sustainable business practices at our U.S. and Canadian hotels and they are doing their part to support environmentally friendly practices through our Room to be GreenTM program. You might say that all of these things make Choice brands simply the best. Oh, and we can’t forget- we make one heck of a waffle, too.

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Charlestown Rehearsal Studio

Check out our gear list, demos, pictures and videos, ask us a question, catch up on the studio blog, see and hear the rooms, or just read a little more about us and the services we offer. Newfangled Newfangled Studios: Newfangled is a boutique video production & post production company staffed with passionate & absurdly creative individuals. Our clients range from international advertising agencies & television networks, to lifestyle brands and non-profit organizations, We recently created a music video for Cloud Cult’s new album, “Love” that premiered on We are completely in love with the creative process, and we’d like to make a drop dead gorgeous video for you. MORTAL MUSIC Guitars, amps, drums, piano, synths, bass equipment and lots and lots of percussion. Just picked up an Eleven Rack guitar amp modeler, loads of fun.

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Best 4 Amplifiers Repair in Charleston, SC with Reviews

YP – The Real Yellow PagesSM – helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to select from a local Yellow Pages directory, including proximity to where you are searching, expertise in the specific services or products you need, and comprehensive business information to help evaluate a business’s suitability for you. “Preferred” listings, or those with featured website buttons, indicate YP advertisers who directly provide information about their businesses to help consumers make more informed buying decisions. YP advertisers receive higher placement in the default ordering of search results and may appear in sponsored listings on the top, side, or bottom of the search results page.

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Pelican Real Estate and Development Company, Northwest Florida

The Florida Panhandle, Northwest Florida, the Emerald Coast, Forgotten Coast, World’s Most Beautiful Beaches – this area is as diverse in its attractions as in its names. Whether your dream is a white sandy beach, a shopping mecca, year-round festivals, family activities, community celebrations, fine dining, primary residence or vacation home, you can find it here. Served by both the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport and the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport; featuring destination shopping in Destin’s Silver Sands Center and Panama City Beach’s Pier Park as well as a myriad of boutique centers; offering every variety of housing and commercial opportunities, the area is again growing and developing rapidly. There have always been military bases in Northwest Florida. The earliest coastal forts were built to protect Spanish settlements from naval invasions by the French and British.

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Blair� Online Shopping Catalog: Women’s, Men’s & Home Goods

A modern twist on women’s classic fashion and accessories. Beauty, wellness and beyond … helping women look and feel great at any age. Quality women’s apparel, shoes and accessories at unbeatable value. Classic womens apparel in Misses, Petites and Women’s sizes. Helpful products for a full, independent life at any age. Women’s & men’s fine clothing, brand-name shoes, scrumptious food & savvy gifts. Timeless women’s apparel and shoes in famous and exclusive brands. Save big with clearance prices on all of our brands. An energetic mix of clothing, shoes & accessories for play, travel, work or just hanging out. Products that make life easier: problem-solvers for in and around the home. Premium-quality clothing and accessories with a classic flair. Stylish, affordable women’s fashion, footwear and accessories serving sizes 14 to 28. Original silk apparel for women’s and men’s year-round comfort.

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Breakfast / Lunch / Office Planned Event Catering

Sweet and Savory, Café and Bakery, offers breakfast and lunch items such as sandwiches on artisan-baked bread, salads with fresh greens, homemade soups, and delicious desserts, as well as customized catering services for your next planned office event. Whether you come in for a cup of coffee and a freshly-baked pastry, stay for a hot breakfast, carry out a deli-style lunch, or have us cater your next company luncheon, we are proud to offer a variety of savory food selections for your dining pleasure. We take care in preparation and presentation to offer you the finest and freshest of ingredients. For a homemade meal that’s better than fast food, visit us in the Hacienda Business Park at 5685 Gibraltar Drive in Pleasanton, CA. Daily Specials: Monday, December 18, 2017. Burrito $10.50 Filled with turkey or sauted vegetables, black beans, Spanish rice and cheese.

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athens, OH musical instruments

Dec 16Humbucker pickup set, Custom, Made to order $180. pic map. Dec 15GIBSON SG 2016 high performance $800. pic map. Dec 14violin 1/2 size with bow, case, accessories $225. pic map. Dec 2Ovation electric acoustic guitar with hard shell case $100. pic map. Dec 15Alverez 6 string aquistic guitar and other guitars $150. pic map. Dec 16Mint uplayed Jackson Dinky with reverse headstock and gig bag $170. pic map. Dec 15Vox AC30 2×12 – guitar amp $675. pic map. Dec 15Fender blues jr + avatar 1×12 cab $625. pic map. Dec 15Japanese Ibanez, plus more $300. pic map. Dec 152004 Washburn wv60 flying V guitar custom 1 of kind for trade $550. pic map. Dec 15Electric guitar and amp $80. pic map. Dec 15Epiphone AJ 12E NA acoustic electric $90. pic map. Dec 15Alvarez 12 string Guitar with case and pickup $215. pic map. Dec 15Tama roadpro cymbal stand and Pearl boom stand both $55. pic map. Dec 15Older Kingston Electric Guitar for sale $120. pic map.

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Designer Women’s Apparel, Men’s Apparel, Shoes & Handbags

Receive $50 off your purchase of $250 or more, $100 off your purchase of $450 or more, $175 off your purchase of $750 or more, or $250 off of $1000 or more, excluding taxes, shipping and delivery charges, gift card, employee purchases and certain designers, on purchases made now through 12/17/17 when you enter promotional code FESTIVE at checkout. NOT VALID ON PRE-ORDER ITEMS. Limit one promotional code per customer. Not valid at Saks Fifth Avenue stores, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH stores or Discount is non-transferable, must be used in a single transaction and cannot be applied as credit to previous purchases. Discount may not be redeemed for cash or used as payment or credit toward Saks Fifth Avenue credit card accounts. Cannot be combined with any other gift card, dollar or percentage off offers. Can be combined with up to five gift with purchase promotions and free shipping offers. Discount is applied to all items purchased and is not adjustable for returns. Discount may be suspended or terminated at any time.

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columbus, OH musical instruments

Dec 15Alvarez 12 string Guitar with case and pickup $215. pic map. Dec 15Tama roadpro cymbal stand and Pearl boom stand both $55. pic map. Dec 15Older Kingston Electric Guitar for sale $120. pic map. Dec 15Violin 3/4 size Copy of a Stradivarius $150. pic map. Dec 15Used Speaker Cabinet with 1 10 inch speaker $40. pic map. Dec 15Electra equalizer for guitar, vocals, keyboards $25. pic map. Dec 15Greg Bennett Malibu electric guitar blue, amp, books $140. pic map. Dec 15Studio Projects VTB1 Mic Preamp with tube blend $125. pic map. Dec 15ovation matrix acoustic guitar!!!!!!! $130. pic map. Dec 15Tascam dp32 sd recorder $300. pic map. Dec 15Mackie fx12 sound board $175. pic map. Dec 15Line 6 spider valve 212 w/ FBV Custom foot controller $300. pic map. Dec 15Slipknot Joey Jordison ORIGINAL blood stick $20. pic map. Dec 15Fender Deluxe American Standard Stratocaster for sale pic map. Dec 152012 Gibson SG standard limited edition pic map.

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WaterColor Inn & Resort

Overlooking the sugar sands of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, just a short distance from popular attractions including Seaside and Rosemary Beach, you will find WaterColor Inn, a warm family-friendly destination steeped in southern hospitality, history and charm. Our hotel is situated on a stunning 500-acre community, tucked between the Gulf of Mexico and a coastal dune lake framed by a longleaf pine forest. Thoughtfully designed by architect David Rockwell and featuring a gorgeously renovated lobby, the Inn seamlessly marries the laid-back comfort of a classic beach house with the modern perks and indulgences of a luxury boutique hotel. WaterColor experiences are inspired by our surroundings, from the coastal elegance of the 60 guest rooms and suites to the locally sourced menus and captivating Gulf views at the restaurants. Throughout the beautifully landscaped grounds, pebbled footpaths wind through picturesque parks and gardens, leading the way to a boathouse, tennis courts, spa, shops, restaurants, a fitness center and a private beach.

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louisville musical instruments

Dec 15New left handed electric guitar bundle kit $350. pic map. Dec 151800w Eurolive behringer sub $170. pic map. Dec 15!Behringer QX2222 mixing board! $180. pic map. Dec 15Roland TD-8 V-drums Electric drum kit $600. pic map. Dec 15SS Stewart archtop guitar $475. pic map. Dec 15Fender electric mandolin $225. pic map. Dec 15Ibanez Artcore Semi Hollowbody electric guitar $359. pic map. Dec 15Daisy Rock Venus pearl top electric guitar w/ gig bag $229. pic map. Dec 15Palatino upright Bass with gig bag and extra bridge $809. pic map. Dec 15TC Helicon VoicePlay effects pedal $199. pic map. Dec 15Ibanez 5 string SDGR brown electric bass guitar $589. pic map. Dec 15Ibanez GSR100EX Lefty black bass guitar $170. pic map. Dec 15Supertone archtop guitar $325. pic map. Dec 15Partscaster Tele, ash body, flame maple top, maple neck, VGC $200. pic map. Dec 15Stagg 4/4 Electric Cello New with bag and bow $550. pic map.

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columbus, OH musical instruments

Dec 15Vox AC30 2×12 – guitar amp $675. pic map. Dec 15Fender blues jr + avatar 1×12 cab $625. pic map. Dec 15Japanese Ibanez, plus more $300. pic map. Dec 152004 Washburn wv60 flying V guitar custom 1 of kind for trade $550. pic map. Dec 15Electric guitar and amp $80. pic map. Dec 15Epiphone AJ 12E NA acoustic electric $90. pic map. Dec 15Alvarez 12 string Guitar with case and pickup $215. pic map. Dec 15Tama roadpro cymbal stand and Pearl boom stand both $55. pic map. Dec 15Older Kingston Electric Guitar for sale $120. pic map. Dec 15Used Speaker Cabinet with 1 10 inch speaker $40. pic map. Dec 15Electra equalizer for guitar, vocals, keyboards $25. pic map. Dec 15Greg Bennett Malibu electric guitar blue, amp, books $140. pic map. Dec 15Studio Projects VTB1 Mic Preamp with tube blend $125. pic map. Dec 15ovation matrix acoustic guitar!!!!!!! $130. pic map. Dec 15Tascam dp32 sd recorder $300. pic map.

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Bilco Amps News for 03-14-2018

Directions, maps and distances in one place using Google Maps, Bing Maps and MapQuest

Helping the Map Understand Addresses – Use comma or space to separate words. e.g. 22nd Street Bayonne as opposed to. 22ndStreetBayonne) – Try entering the region that the place belongs to, even adding/removing the country sometimes makes the difference. e.g. from Vancouver, BC to White Rock, BC as opposed to. From Vancouver to White Rock) – Provide a postal code if you know it. In some countries, like Canada and the UK, providing only the postal code could be enough to get the route) – Check the spelling. e.g. Ave or Avenue as opposed to. One of them might not get it right while the other one does. Both could get it right, but it’s optimal in only one of them. It only works in the USA, but for other countries shows info that could be useful.

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Oasis at Gold Spike: Las Vegas Boutique Hotel

Oasis at Gold Spike is a boutique hotel in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. With contemporary style that pays homage to the city’s mid-century architectural vernacular, this urban hotel is an Oasis of cool in the hottest part of the city. Oasis features fully-renovated, individually designed rooms-each visit is a new adventure. From the engaging pool experience on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard to the whimsical outdoor entertainment experience of the adjacent Gold Spike, a stay at Oasis is always a good time. We are a non-smoking, non-gaming hotel with rooms that have been thoughtfully designed with sustainability in mind. Take care of business in our onsite coworking space or relax with a cocktail by our sparkling pool complete with day beds and poolside food and beverage service.

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Del Mar Luxury Resort Packages

Turn visions of a visit to our golden coast into reality by scheduling that much needed getaway…. Book your luxury beach vacation at L’Auberge Del Mar at least 14-days in advance of your arrival to enjoy 15% off along with the pleasure of knowing your get-away is on the horizon and already paid for! Book your getaway to our Del Mar beach resort online, or call 844-875-5256 and enjoy this special offer! This offer requires a fourteen day advance booking. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts, offers or promotions and is subject to blackout dates and based on availability. Offer requires full prepayment at time of booking and is non-refundable & non-cancelable. No changes or modifications are allowed after the reservation is confirmed.

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greensboro for sale

Dec 15Barnevelders are a rare breed that originated in Holland. Dec 15FRESH CHICKEN EGGS buy 5 doz get one FREE pic map. Dec 15Holiday Bundles for Sale!!! Great hair! pic map. Dec 1527″ rzr 900 take offs $375. pic map. Dec 15Fender stratocaster MIM lonestar $400. pic map. Dec 15firewood all hickory for pit cooking or firewood $90. pic map. Dec 15huge garage sale saturday 12/16/17 9am pic map. Dec 15Mei Duo 50cc scooter with helment $550. pic map. Dec 15340 crank & rods $75. pic map. Dec 1573 340 crank and rods $75. pic map. Dec 15Bike carrier, Swagman, RV ladder attaching $55. pic map. Dec 15Digital photo keychaing $5. pic map. Dec 15Wall kitchen decoration $10. pic map.

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Downtown Charleston Bed and Breakfast Lodging

Enhance your visit to South Carolina with a stay at our historic and romantic, downtown Charleston bed and breakfast. Highlighted on the History and Travel channels, our family-owned and operated and personally restored by the original B&B owners, this house has truly been a home away from home for discerning and experienced travelers since 1984. Our quaint 9-room Charleston B&B features open piazzas, rocking chairs, a joggling board, and plenty of southern hospitality. Share and enjoy our intimate accommodations in a circa 1800 cotton planter’s home and brick carriage/kitchen house. Included with your lodging is a delicious plated full breakfast served each morning in our dining room or on the piazza, complimentary WIFI and on-site parking.

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Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas NV

As a dog owner, it is very difficult to find decent places; especially in Las Vegas. I’ve been staying here for a few years every time I come to Las Vegas. Its a great location, and the Cosmopolitan is the only nearby big hotel that takes pets. This part of the neighborhood has a cockroach infestation. They are much smaller than the ones we get in Palm Springs, so they don’t bother me so much, never seen them in my room, they are mostly near the pool area on the airport side of the building, I see trails of them, but I’ve seen them all over the neighborhood while walking my dog. Great location, and great for the price, you can walk to major casinos and the strip. The I-15 motel 6 on the other side of the fwy is ghetto crack/whorehouse.

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Skip to main content Our mission at Anthropologie has always been to surprise and delight you with unexpected, distinctive finds for your closet and home. We source and craft all of our products with care, ensuring that any treasure you find at Anthropologie is unique, just like you. Explore our dress shop to find styles and fits perfect for any occasion, from cocktail parties to weddings to casual daytime silhouettes. Browse party skirts, wide-leg pants and jeans, and blouses that will turn heads. Discover our expansive home collections, from furniture to curtains, decorative pillows to duvets, wall art to Moroccan-inspired rugs. Looking for a housewarming gift? Try a coffee table book, original glassware or a set of coasters.

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Bilco Amps News for 03-13-2018

Annapolis, Kent Island, Deltaville, Virginia Beach

Annapolis Yacht Sales is conveniently located on the Chesapeake Bay, with 4 locations in Maryland and Virginia, and are the leading new yacht and brokerage dealer in the Mid-Atlantic. We offer new Beneteau sailing yachts, Lagoon Catamarans, as well as power yachts from EdgeWater, Monterey,Lagoon, Steiger Craft, & Cruisers yachts. We handle every part of the buying or selling process including financing, documentation, and extended warranty options. We also have a renowned in-house service department that can handle all of your yacht and boat repair, service and maintenance needs. When you choose Annapolis Yacht Sales, you’re choosing the best new and used boat dealership in the Mid-Atlantic.

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The Global Leader in Eyelash Extensions and Lash Compatible Makeup & Skincare

Are your ultimate answer for longer, thicker, more beautiful-looking eyelashes. Developed to mimic your natural eyelashes, each Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extension is individually applied to a single eyelash, resulting in a gorgeous, natural appearance. Using a proprietary adhesive, Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions are only applied by a trained and certified Xtreme Lashes® Lash Stylist. Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions are not traditional false eyelashes, eyelash flares or implants. Safe and comfortable to wear, Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are never applied directly to your skin or eyelid. With routine touchups every two to four weeks, you can have amazing eyelashes indefinitely.

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Shop Shoes, Bags & Accessories Online

Curated for the fashion forward, CHARLES & KEITH aims to inspire with the latest fashion trends. Encompassing a distinct contemporary and modern style, CHARLES & KEITH is now recognised as a leading fashion lifestyle retail brand with a strong international following. At present, CHARLES & KEITH has also ventured into providing a larger spectrum of fashion options other than shoes – find bags, belts, sunglasses, jewelry, and even tech accessories. Delivering an extensive range of designs and styles, CHARLES & KEITH launches new arrivals weekly. From casual to formal, classy to edgy – make a statement with CHARLES & KEITH, the go-to fashion choice for every occasions.

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Accommodations and Resort Rates at The Breakers Myrtle Beach Family Resort

We offer one, two and three bedroom condos, suites and the best in modern oceanfront accommodations. Each of the 6 buildings that make up The Breakers Resort are uniquely designed to provide everything you could want for your vacation in Myrtle Beach. If you are looking for your favorite room type from the Boutique North Tower, you can now find it at our newest sister property. With the launch of our Sun & Fun Rewards program offering unlimited DVD rentals, we have newly installed DVD players in all of our units. If you need a little break from the beach or just want to curl up with the family and watch a movie, it’s easier than ever from the comfort of your room.

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Litigation: General Commercial Lawyers & Law Firms

Working with clients to achieve their business goals, Steptoe & Johnson litigators seek an early resolution of every case, bearing in mind both the cost of litigation and the risk of encouraging additional lawsuits by settling cases that should be tried. The firm has more than 90 litigators and has been top listed by the authors of The Best Lawyers in America® in a number of litigation practice areas. Steptoe & Johnson litigators have gained a reputation for providing clients with common sense advice. Recognizing that cost control and time are critical factors, our attorneys are also adept at analysis, budgeting, and all types of alternative dispute resolution.

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Intown Guitar Repair

Intown Guitar Repair is an authorized dealer of…. Welcome to Intown Guitar Repair! We are a full service guitar repair shop conveniently located near Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. We offer quality repair, maintenance, and restoration servicesfor your fretted friend. We work on electric and acousticguitars and basses, as well as banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, or pretty much anything with frets! See our services menu at left for a list of what we can do and prices too! Contact us here or call 404-324-6602 for a consultation or local driving directions to the shop. Jeff Rice is a proud member ofthe Guild of American Luthiers.

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Tile and Natural Stone

Established in 1968, Emser Tile is the largest privately-held designer and marketer of tile and natural stone in the United States. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled service and an exceptional customer experience. Our innovative portfolio of porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and decorative glass and mosaic products is designed to meet a wide range of aesthetic, performance, and budget requirements. With over 70 showrooms and service locations and 3 distribution centers located throughout North America, Emser Tile is committed to delivering beautiful and sustainable design solutions, with the highest level of service and support.

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Bender Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington –

Cinema J: Shalom Italia January 10, 2018 7:30 – 9:30 PM. Three Italian Jewish brothers set off on a journey through Tuscany, in search of a cave where they hid as children to escape the Nazis. Trump: A Year in Review January 18 – January 18, 2018 7:30 – 9:00 PM. President Trump’s First Year: 12 Months Unlike Any Other – Join Liz Schrayer, President & CEO of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, and take a step back from the day-to-day fervor to examine the changes this administration has brought, the high points and low points, and how the political landscape has changed in 12 tumultuous months.

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Bilco Amps News for 02-03-2018

Keisman Pedals – Custom Guitar Effects

There are a number of sources that can lead to signal degradation resulting in high end loss in your tone. If you’re running over 18.5 feet of cable, even without pedals, you’re going to lose some of the high end in your signal. If that’s the case, you will benefit from running a buffer. It will bring that high end back into your signal taking it back to it’s original, lovely tone. Another source can be a pedal it’s self! For example, a certain popular volume pedal is notorious for sucking your tone and leaving you with a flat, floppy, lifeless signal. By placing a buffer like our J-Buff on your board, you can alleviate that loss in tone and still be able to use that particular pedal causing the issue. We suggest running the buffer at the very end of your pedalboard for a couple of reasons. Number one, this puts it closest to the amp preventing you from losing more signal after the buffer due to cable length. Second, buffers tend to not play nice if placed in front of some pedals, especially fuzz pedals, so placing them after allows the fuzz to get hit with the original signal and go through the buffer retaining it’s original sound. As with any pedal, experimentation is the best way to figure out what works best for you. All buffers are not made equal either, you’ll find some of the internal buffers in effects pedals are not doing their job quite as well as a dedicated buffer like ours can. At trade shows we often showcase this by allowing someone to play our demo board through an amp with a popular buffered pedal at the end of the board. We then pull that pedal off and replace it with our buffer and let the person play through the board again and this typically converts people to using a dedicated buffer like ours.

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Stylish Hotel in Lewes, East Sussex

Thank you for visiting the Pelham House Hotel’s official website. The Pelham House Hotel is located in the heart of Lewes, East Sussex. The picturesque market town of Lewes provides easy access to a variety of local tourist attractions which include the Charleston Farmhouse, home to the Bloomsbury Group, Glyndebourne Opera House and the South Downs National Park. Pelham House has everything to suit your accommodation needs. The ambience is charming and the combination of modern amenities with traditional English hospitality will leave an unforgettable impression on you. Pelham House is a luxury 4 star hotel offering 36 Boutique hotel style bedrooms, each of which has been individually designed for maximum comfort. Our unique and charming rooms are ready for you to relax in from the moment you arrive. A sleep in one of our luxuriously comfy beds will leave you feeling refreshed and give you the good night sleep you deserve ready to explore the next day. Our hotel was designed with both the business and family traveller in mind. For those looking for a step above the ordinary, our hotel’s luxury accommodation with bespoke additions, such as special catering and conference facilities, means Pelham House is perfect for everyone! Our friendly and professional Sales Team and Reservations Staff are always on hand to meet your every need. Our goal is to ensure that our guests feel welcome from the day of arrival until their departure. Our four star standards and personal level of quality service ensure that our guests enjoy a memorable visit. Stay with Pelham House and experience its excellent hospitality. Thank you for your interest in Pelham House and we look forward to welcoming you in the near future.

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Vacations at an Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel

Welcome to The Breakers, a unique Myrtle Beach resort located on the oceanfront with seven different towers, all in the heart of the Grand Strand. With 700 feet of sandy shoreline in the center of Myrtle Beach’s attractions and amenities, you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation at The Breakers Resort. Our host of amenities and superior accommodations are designed to please the whole family. A 70-year-old tradition in Myrtle Beach, The Breakers is the perfect choice for family vacations, business meetings and golf getaways. With a variety of suites, one, two and three bedroom condos and plenty of oceanfront and ocean view options, you’ll feel right at home. We offer flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, in-room safes and wide balconies for taking in the miles of beach and pristine waters of the South Carolina coast. The Breakers has a wide variety of activities to entertain all ages and interests. Kids and adults alike can splash about our indoor and outdoor water features, including a lazy river, hot tubs and numerous pools. Come unwind in our sauna after a full day on the beach. Choose from the variety of dining options including cafés, a full-service restaurant, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor and Starbucks. All guests enjoy complimentary high speed Internet access and use of our workout areas with treadmills, stationary bikes and a multi-station gym. To top it all off, The Breakers Resort offers the Sun & Fun Rewards program: guests can enjoy unlimited free DVD rentals and daily admission to to some of the city’s most popular attractions during their stay. Come visit us at The Breakers Resort-your ideal beach vacation is waiting for you in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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1067 E Montague Ave, Charleston, SC

The chips were topped with cheese, black beans, salsa and jalapeños; We added grilled chicken for an extra $2. The taste and the price was that of typical Nachos, however some tortillas were burned. The quesadilla contains sautéed onions, steak and “Fresh jalapeños”, the lunch special is served with a side of tortilla chips, salsa and sour cream. My first impression was that they provided me with a pretty good amount of food considering it was a lunch special. After tasting the quesadillas I felt they were ok, they state that they use fresh ingredients on their site, perhaps they do but I would have expected bolder flavors, instead it was somewhat bland, but the tortilla chips were REALLY good, I could not stop eating them. Fun atmosphere, good food! Corn chips and a fun variety of salsas to choose. It’s a fantastic place for a happy hour meetup! The triple dipper is really good and I’ve never had anything less than great customer service. We love good Mexican, coming from the southwest, and are always excited at the chance for good tacos. Our taco and burrito meals were pretty good, though. We love this place, it’s our new regular spot! Salsa choices are great! The burrito is “Slap your grandma” good. I’ve heard good things from several people so maybe this was an off night. We made it in time for happy hour and got the mason jar margarita special for $6 – good deal on a big ol’ margarita but it was kind of bland and also melted fast in the heat – ended up tasting like sugar water. I’m pretty sure the guacamole is from a container – not good. The few times that I have been the service has been friendly but slow and forgetful( waited a good while for drinks even though it wasn’t busy and I was seated at the bar…). I will keep giving it a shot because the food and drinks are so good. My boyfriend got the mo Burrito that he said was very good and very filling.

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Nautical & Coastal Home Decor, Art, Lighting, Bath

What’s more peaceful and relaxing than life on the ocean? At Beach Decor Shop, we embrace all that’s special about shore living, bringing you quality home furnishings and accessories by the world’s best beach artists and brands. Our extensive collection of coastal treasures is specially curated for the seafaring soul. For years, shore shoppers have browsed our endless nautical décor options for one-of-a-kind accessories-that elusive piece of furniture or art just waiting to set sail within the walls of their coastal escape. Here at our exquisite shop, we’re proud to say they always find it. Shop happily knowing a special beach gift is just a click away. While we specialize in endless variety, Beach Decor Shop is globally recognized for some of our most popular categories. From nautical lamps and beach doormats to etched coastal glassware and beach house bedding, we carry every essential for your vacation escape. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the patio and beyond, browse quality indoor and outdoor shore house furnishings designed for chic durability. To take your dining room from boring to beautiful, shop the sculptural wonders in our stunning collection of coastal chandeliers. Need a pretty housewarming present, or something fresh for your beach house living room? We provide the web’s most diverse lineup of indoor and outdoor coastal pillows. In every category, rest assured you’ll find countless popular maritime designs. Beyond our cutting-edge fashions, each item in our shop is handpicked for its exceptional craftsmanship. Whenever possible, we support beach brands that employ local artisans and ecofriendly materials. We invite you to throw your towel down in the sand, settle in, and browse the fabulous offerings at Beach Decor Shop. We know you’ll find the coastal creation of your dreams, but if you have any questions, feel free to inquire about anything.

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Sweetgrass Social Event & Design

The name on your tickets must match the name on your passport, and since changing the name on your passport requires a marriage certificate and a wait of about three weeks, you probably won’t have a chance to make the update before you leave for your honeymoon. Writing out thank-you notes by hand can wait until you’re back from the honeymoon, but not much longer so make a note to yourself to get on it right when you’re back. In the meantime, post a mass thank you to your wedding guests on your Facebook page. Guests will appreciate a sort of ‘wrap-up’ to your wedding. Assuming you plan to keep your wedding dress in some way or another, it’s important to get it cleaned by a wedding dress specialists as soon as possible. If you plan to freeze the top tier of your wedding cake, make sure to move it from the fridge to the freezer before you leave. If you wait to return rented suits or tuxedos until you return from your honeymoon, you’re likely to rack up some extra fees. Don’t leave any presents at your wedding venue or anywhere else guests could have dropped them off. If you’re not going home after the wedding, ask your parents if they’ll take them until you get back from your honeymoon. This may seem a little trite compared to the other items on the list, but your hands are going to be getting a lot of play in honeymoon photos. Your wedding mani/pedi will probably get a little worn on the big day, so a refresh can’t hurt. For your honeymoon, pick a light natural or clear color that will grow out well and match everything. Don’t wait until after your wedding to pack-you’ll be way too tired/excited/emotional/any other possible feeling. You do not want to get sick on your honeymoon and staying healthy on vacation starts with healthy habits at home. Eat right and stay fit in the days, weeks and months leading up to your honeymoon.

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Bilco Amps News for 01-30-2018

The Westin Resort & Spa, Los Cabos

Please note that this resort is closed for renovations until December 31, 2016. Exceptional Values!Extra Value: $200 food & beverage credit per stay & $30 daily spa credit per person. Spa credit is not cumulative & cannot be used for 25-minute massage or beauty salon services or any other spa promotion. The family-friendly Westin Resort & Spa, Los Cabos is a dramatic hotel at Land’s End. At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, this luxurious resort boasts ocean-view rooms, amazing outdoor activities, a private beach, an exceptional spa, seven pools, and warm Mexican hospitality. While relaxing in the infinity pool overlooking the Sea of Cortez, swim up to the margarita bar to enjoy tropical cocktails or a freshly made smoothie. Sample appetizers on the patio or nestle into oversized armchairs in the bar’s swanky ambiance. The activity pool offers amazing views of the ocean. One level higher, the adults-only Margarita Pool features a swim-up bar. Higher still is the La Cascada Pool, with shade and shallow waters for younger guests. The healing properties of the desert meet the cleansing nature of the sea at the spa, where guests may sample a mix of therapeutic treatments designed to relax the mind, lighten the heart, and soothe the body. We can even bring the spa to you! Imagine a renewing experience in the most convenient of locations: your own guest room. The signature in-room spa treatments are custom-designed to nurture your body and soul. This plan includes all-day dining, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, 24-hour in-room dining, international and domestic alcoholic beverages, juice and soft drinks at selected bars, waiter service at the swim-up pool bar, pool, and beach, an in-room mini-bar with soft drinks, bottled water, and beer, use of the tennis courts and fitness center, free in-room WiFi, free access to Westin Kids’ Club, and applicable taxes & gratuities. Surcharges may apply on some dishes and room service.

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A Southern Lifestyle Blog crowell + co interiors

Last year, we bought our home and did a massive overhaul on the interior. Seeing as how it will take ten years for said English Garden to actually mature, in the meantime I thought I would share some of the gardens that I aspire to have one day. Lost Dog Cafe is also such a great breakfast spot!Folly Beach is a very eclectic community that reminded me of some of the funkier beach towns of Southern California. We spent two days on the beach and due to bad weather, two days wandering around the city with the girls. Children are terrible, impatient shoppers and after the second cocktail, people start judging. Within 10 minutes, we turned to each other and agreed we were coming back as soon as possible sans children so we could do all the fun grown up stuff. On the carriage tour, we passed the Civil War era city jail which our children subsequently became OBSESSED with. At one point the tour guide asked if anyone had any questions and our seven year old’s hand shot up. The food in Charleston was amazing! Everyone told us to go to The Ordinary and we ended up having to cancel two separate reservations due to either exhausted children or meltdowns, both the child and adult varieties. In any event, The Ordinary is definitely top of the list when we go back, sans children. My husband took this picture of our seven year old pondering the end of life as she stands before a fallen tree. 1500 years old and 65 feet tall, it was so beautiful. Within 10 minutes of arriving, my husband had convinced our 9 year old to attend SCAD and had selected the square where we will be purchasing our retirement home. Over the years they have been buying up historic buildings throughout the city and and using them for housing, classrooms etc. Some ladies Google image Channing Tatum shirtless, I Google search “Cheryl and Griff Day.” I have cooked my way through their cook book and did a blog posts on their best ever chocolate cake.

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Affordable Boutique Hotels

Hotels can buck this trend. Over the last decade, hotels have been emphasizing design, atmosphere and food. Expect to find furniture you’ll want to take home, award-winning food, and locations that put you in the best possible spot to enjoy your destination. The style, location, and even buildings all represent on-point design and rooms that won’t break the bank. Miami, USA. The rare affordable option on Ocean Drive, Hotel Victor also bucks the trend of the classic Miami Art-Deco aesthetic. Favoring a relaxed beach house vibe, the atmosphere inside the hotel perfectly contrasts with the raucous nightlife just out the front door. Chicago, USA. An award winning restaurant, rooftop bar, and Lake Michigan views set in a historic building make it hard to justify a reason to leave Hotel Lincoln. The Chicago History Museum, Second City Improv, and tons of restaurants are all just a short walk from the hotel. Washington, DC, USA. A power hotel set in the nation’s capital, the Dupont provides a great location, masculine design, and an unbelievable price for your next DC adventure. A leafy courtyard, walking access to the best of Austin, and a stylish happy hour make Hotel San Jose the choice for you next Austin festival weekend. Within walking distance of multiple Seattle highlights, including Pike Place Market and the waterfront, the hotel also offers a year-round cooking school, courtesy of the Hot Stove Society. Palm Springs, CA. Art pop colors meet wellness spa at this Mojave Desert hotel. Brooklyn, NY. A hotel designed to showcase the history and culture of its location; the NU is a homage to Brooklyn. A location offering tree-lined streets, free bicycles, local boutiques, restaurants, and coffee bars keep things entertaining. Set on the peninsula in possibly the best food city in the country, the Andrew Pickney Inn oozes Southern Hospitality.

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