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100/50/0.5-watt 1×12″ COSM Combo Amp Reviews

Superb Amplifier – At ANY Price! As a working guitarist, a big part of of my ‘day job’ involves teaching private students – this requires an amp that will run reliably for hours at a time and provide me with a myriad of quality tonal options at conversational volumes…while still providing the volume and flexibility to cut it at gigs on the weekend. Rather than give an exhaustive rundown of the amp’s feature set, I’m going to focus on what I consider the main standout aspects of the unit. Well, believe it; this thing is LOUD! We’ve all become conditioned to the conventional wisdom that it takes roughly 3 solid state watts to equal 1 tube watt in terms of perceived volume. 

I truly believe the Katana is a game-changer in this regard. In the three weeks I’ve been using the amp, I have never had to use it on the 100W setting; 50 provides PLENTY of volume for almost any conceivable professional, live application. 2) Feel & Response: Piggy-backing from the first point above – most solid state and digital amps have a reputation for flat, sterile EQ and dynamics; so that even when your volume is cutting through the mix, the tone is often perceived as brittle, cold, ‘lifeless’, etc. This thing really pushes air, responding to picking dynamics and the guitar’s volume knob in ways I’ve simply never experienced on a non-tube amp. 3) Deceptively Simple: In a world where digital amp users have come to expect something like 50 models to play with and memory for 100 user presets minimum, it may come as quite a surprise that Katana offers a scant five preamp voicings and four user memory presets to work with. The Gain, EQ and Presence controls alone DRAMATICALLY affect the tone and flavor of the amp. 3) Effects: If there’s one thing Boss is universally respected for, it is their guitar effects. From the warmest, most musical chorus I’ve heard in years, to top-notch vibratos, tremolos, phasers, flangers, auto-wahs, Leslie sims, reverbs, delays, harmonizers, wave synths, acoustic guitar sims(!), and a bevy of great ‘stomp box-style’ booster/OD/distortions to push the front end of the preamp tone, you can basically put your pedalboard away when using this amp and not miss a thing. 

All things considered, Boss did a great job prioritizing fuction, form and cost with the Katana. 

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Electronic Keyboards

Capture the sounds of your favorite instruments in one convenient place with an electronic keyboard. Useful across the musical spectrum, electronic keyboards are staples for professionals, amateurs, students, and anyone who loves the magic of music. Electronic keyboards are complex instruments made up of a variety of useful components. The most visible part is the keyboard which serves the same purpose as a piano keyboard but also brings many additional features to the table. In addition to these basic features, many electronic piano models offer you a slew of sampled and recorded sounds. 

The difference between digital pianos, electric pianos, and electronic keyboards can be stark. Electronic keyboards, on the other hand, are self-contained studios that mimic, sample, and manipulate the sounds of any number of instruments. Choosing a keyboard that has a powerful amplifying system gives you options. By selecting a keyboard that includes alternative tunings, you will give yourself the power to create new and unique sounds. This refers to the ability of your portable keyboard to clearly broadcast multiple tones simultaneously. 

The Musical Instrument Digital Interface is a ubiquitous communications standard that enables various kinds of electronic devices to interact with each other. The range of MIDI-capable equipment includes sequencing machines, expanders, computers, and portable keyboards. 

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lake city musical instruments

Jul 22Schecter omen extreme 6 $350. pic map. Jul 13Rogue Acoustic Guitar new never played $100. pic map. Checking ‘include nearby areas’ will expand your search. 

Aug 20Student Trombone w/Case and Mouthpiece $250. pic map. Aug 20Nice empty plywood cabs and good speakers free pic map. Aug 20Roland Boutique TR-08 drum machine synth $315. pic map. 

Aug 20Roland Boutique SH-01a with keyboard synth $350. pic map. Aug 20Orange Dual Terror 30/15/7w and cab $999. pic map. Aug 20Clarinet For Sale – This is the one you want $275. 

pic map. Aug 20Practically new cymbals for jazz and blues pic map. Aug 20Acoustic guitar with extras $130. pic map. Aug 20Fender Princeton 65 guitar amp $100. 

pic map. 

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cookeville musical instruments

Dec 10pmx 2000 mixer and ev1232 board $300. pic map. Dec 8Guitars And amps for cheap $75. pic map. Dec 7Wurlitzer piano 50’s era $250. 

pic map. Dec 2piano Hobart cable console $395. pic map. Nov 28beautiful baby grand piano made by Baldwin $1995. Nov 19Antique upright grand piano for Christmas $450. 

pic map. Checking ‘include nearby areas’ will expand your search. Dec 161920s Koa ukulele w case $400. pic map. Dec 16Tlm 102 recording mic $475. 

pic map. Dec 16Audio-Technica AT2020 Mic – excellent condition $70. pic map. Dec 16Roland SPD-30 Octapad w/ mount/stand, kick drum trigger and pedal $700. pic map. 

Dec 162 Portable Heaters good condition works great! $60. pic map. 

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