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Vox Amp: Electric

Vox amplification has been a staple for guitarists since their introduction. The combination of t….Vox V9168R 15 watt Guitar Amp. Like its predecessor, the AC1 mini amp, the Vox AC2 RhythmVOX Bass Mini Amp is a tiny but capable powerhouse amplifier – but this one has twice the power of its parent. The AC2 has a wide tempo r…….Vox VT20X 20-Watt Modeling Amp. Vox piggy back guitar amp good working condition just serviced Berkley 111 tremlo and reverb great sound needs new wood back have pattern to cut out new one can make in about 15 min. 

Like its predecessor, the AC1 mini amp, the Vox AC2 RhythmVOX Mini Amp is a tiny but capable powerhouse amplifier – but this one has twice the power of its parent. Blues provides three distinct voices, Clean, Crunch & Lead, for a wide range of classic t…. About Vox AmpsOne effect of the first universe-shaking rush of Beatlemania in the mid-1960s that did not receive too much publicity outside of the world of musicians was the sudden surge in popularity of the Vox amp. The Fab Four only used Vox amplifiers live, and even though this was originally part of a promotional deal, the Beatles guitarists liked the amps so much that they continued to use Vox equipment even after the band’s live career ended. The Vox amp has grown even more iconic, as artists such as The Doors, Tom Petty, and Radiohead have made these amps part of their recording and performing rigs. 

The Vox AC30 amp has been especially popular among rock guitarists for the past half century, and the reliable sellers on eBay offer many versions of this classic 30-watt combo amp, including new and vintage AC30s dating back to the 1960s. To get just a little bit of that Vox amp sound for solo practicing or warming up, a great solution is a highly portable amPlug Vox mini amp that plugs right into your guitar and comes with a pair of earbuds. Shop the extensive inventory of guitars including VOX vintage guitar amplifiers! 

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tuscarawas co musical instruments

Aug 7Fostex digital 8-Track recorder/ Behringer Powered monitors $175. pic map. Aug 7Ibanez Bass, amp, and tuner $250. pic map. Aug 5Brand new Yamaha bass guitar and stand and strap and gig bag $225. 

pic map. Aug 7Ludwig student bell and drum kit $325. pic map. Aug 7ec-1000 guitar, orange amp, and distortion pedal $450. pic map. 

Aug 7Palatino full size violin for repair $40. pic map. Aug 7Full size violin case with meter $35. pic map. Aug 7Digitech Digidelay digital delays and looper $60. 

pic map. Aug 7Acoustic 12 string guitar $150. pic map. Aug 7Electra Phoenix X650 bass guitar w/ SKB Freedom case $325. pic map. 

Aug 7Fender style tele telecaster custom $300. pic map. Aug 7Fender P Bass custom squire $300. pic map. 

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Été 2018

Sur tablette, glisser de droite gauche pour avancer de façon linéaire. Les pages se succèdent en respectant la progression du magazine. Glisser verticalement pour faire défiler les textes et les contenus associés : photos, vidéos, diaporamas, encadrés. Orienter verticalement votre tablette pour profiter du texte en plein écran. Sur ordinateur, glisser/déposer avec la souris pour avancer de façon linéaire. 

RechercherPour rechercher un contenu, cliquer sur la loupe, entrer votre requête et cliquer sur la loupe une nouvelle fois. Afficher le déroulé rapideLe déroulé rapide permet de visualiser toutes les rubriques et tous les articles et d’y accéder directement. Accéder au sommaire du numéroLe sommaire interactif permet d’accéder rapidement aux articles. 

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chautauqua musical instruments

Aug 8ELECTRIC Guitar – – – includes amp, case, stand, cord – – $250. pic map. Aug 5Yamaha Trombone with case $150. pic map. Aug 5Behringer mixer MX1604A $25. 

pic map. Jul 29Acoustic guitar! Good condition $100. pic map. Jul 16E.B Slinky strings $4. 

pic map. Jul 4Martin acoustic guitar $750. pic map. Jul 1Lk280 lightup keyboard casio $140. pic map. 

Aug 8Alto saxophone for sale $500. pic map. Aug 8Schecter Blackjack wSustainiac+FR $650. pic map. Aug 8SALE! 

CASIO PX-360 pristine/16-track/touch screen/Z-stand/Gator case $490. pic map. Aug 812 string electric New $150. pic map. Aug 8Roland TD-11 electronic Drum set $500. 

pic map. 

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Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. As one of the oldest guitar manufacturing companies in America, Gibson continues to produce quality guitars for every type of musician. Eddie’s Guitars is an authorized, full-line Gibson dealer, so find your Gibson Guitar at our store today! While we don’t sell Gibson acoustic guitars on our site, we have a vast selection of boutique models at our St. Louis location. 

If you would like to view our full inventory of Gibson guitars, please submit your name and email address below. You will receive a one time usage email link to download a PDF of current inventory. 

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Fender Vibro Champ 5-Watt Vintage Blackface Guitar Combo Amp

Still a Champ at heart, the Vibro Champ added a tube tremolo circuit with controls for Speed and Intensity, making this classic recording amp even more versatile without sacrificing any of the original tone. If you see a ’64 for sale without a Fender badge – worry not. No Vibro Champs had badges until ’65…for whatever reason. 

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