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Dancing Neighbour

The Art of Food :: MGNSW

Imagine if we paired food with art in the same way sommeliers pair wine with cuisines. While this may seem implausible and over-engineered, a new openness for food culture to be part of galleries and museums is driving increasing co-location of art, culture and food. From the humble coffee cart to boutique dining experiences, food culture is playing a growing role in our cultural spaces. Whether it’s a match made in heaven or a relationship of convenience, the combination of art and food culture provides new opportunities for visitor experiences. David Walsh’s Museum of Old and New Art exemplifies the high-end companionship between art and culinary experience with wine bars, restaurants and cafes servicing the gallery space. 

Thriving cafes adjoining gallery spaces are found at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Tweed Regional Gallery, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Art Centre, Campbelltown Arts Centre and the Penrith Regional Gallery to name a few. Despite the many success stories the art and food partnership is not necessarily an instant fast track to increasing gallery and museum patronage. Sydney Living Museum’s Rouse Hill House and Farm, 45km northwest of the Sydney CBD, recently held their Autumn Harvest festival which exemplifies thoughtful integration of the cultural and food experience. That said, the food and art alliance is not without its detractors. Concerns about gallery and museum spaces being overshadowed by food and café outlets and consequently detracting from those institutions as venues for creative engagement and collaboration, have been voiced. 

These concerns appear insignificant when weighed against the potential for food and café culture to normalise regular gallery visits and engagement, opening up a future where coffee with friends at the gallery, and a walk past the new exhibit is an everyday occurrence. Meet Paula Perugini Kelly ; Gallery professional, art educator and culture enthusiast. 

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National Policy Forums

Hosted by the National Policy Council, COTA Australia’s Forums are high level strategic events that explore the opportunities and challenges that face older Australians as they seek to participate in our community. National Policy Forum 2017 Housing security is a basic human need and human right. COTA Australia placed the spotlight on what housing means in later life and explore current policy issues and future trends around housing for older Australians. The Forum will bought together an exciting line-up of policy makers, academics, consumers, advocates and others to discuss some of the pressing housing issues of our time and how they affect older people. COTA Australia explored how to make primary health care more responsive to the needs of older Australians and contribute to greater well being in later life. 

COTA Australia explored what it takes to ensure that the genders are equally well prepared having the best possible experience in later life. It is expected that by 2056 one in four people living in Australia will be over the age of 65 and 1.8 million of them will be over 85. COTA Australia explored what it might take to create an Australia for all Ages. The aim was to consider a more integrated approach to Australia’s rapidly ageing society. National Policy Forum 2013 Rights, respect, recognition: a new deal for older Australians. 

The forum focussed on the human rights framework in Australia, and discussed such issues as the right to housing, employment and health as well as exploring what constitutes a reasonable standard of living. Thes forum brought together academic researchers, practitioners and consumers to identify the key components of such a strategy. 

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Monster värnar om att skydda integriteten för våra användare och strävar efter att erbjuda en säker användarupplevelse. Monsters integritetscenter finns tillgängligt för att du som användare ska förstå hur vi samlar in och använder din information och de möjligheter du har att skydda den. Integritetscentret innehåller information om Monsters integritetspolicy samt information om våra annonser. Integritetspolicyn är utformad för att informera dig om vår integritetspraxis så tydligt och koncist som möjligt. Vi tillhandahåller information om våra annonser för att förklara vår inställning till reklam och hur vi gör informationen mer relevant för dig. 

Vi tillhandahåller även information om cookies på Monster tillsammans med en lista över vanliga frågor om integritet hos Monster. För mer information om säkerhet på nätet och hur du genomför en trygg och säker jobbsökning, besök gärna vårt Säkerhetscenter. För att se en lista med partners som hjälper oss att leverera relevant annonsering, klicka här. 

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