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My newest creation. I bought the old cabinet from a fellow ham radio operator. The thing was in pretty bad shape. After some cabinet repair and glue/clamping, …

Standel Musical Instrument Amplifiers

Originally established in 1953 by Bob Crooks, Standel began as a boutique electronics company specializing in hi-end, professional guitar amplifiers. Today, over 50 years later, we are proud to continue Bob’s legacy in offering what are among the finest in musical instrument amplifiers, past or present.

Triple Drive Supreme, Overdrive Supreme, Train 45, Blackjack 21, Lucky 7, Frost

If you’ve ever heard Larry Carlton or Robben Ford live, that’s the tone! “The Overdrive Supreme nails the Dumble sound to a tee, and then some!”. Click for more detailed information on the Fuchs Viper…. Inspired by the fabled “Trainwreck Express” vintage amp, The Fuchs Train 45 has a host of sweetspots – a stellar clean tone – fat, with tons of low-end response, plenty of midrange and gorgeous high-end sparkle. Click for more detailed information on the Fuchs Train-45…. The Blackjack 21â„¢ brings the high build quality and awesome tones people expect from Fuchs products to a new more affordable price range. Click for more detailed information on the Fuchs BlackJack 21…. Voiced like its bigger siblings the Train 45â„¢ and Blackjack 21â„¢, the Lucky 7â„¢ has a classic rock voice similar to a vintage Marshallâ„¢ or Trainwreckâ„¢ style amp. Click for more detailed information on the Fuchs Lucky 7…. Fuchs Cabinets can be ordered with various speaker configurations to complement your personal guitar style and tone.

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What is a combo amp? Simple: it’s an all-in-one amp which combines the head and the speaker cabinet in one unit. While some guitarists are lucky enough to afford a range of cabinets and heads to mix-and-match their guitar sound to different songs, the combo amp is a rite of passage for any guitarist who wants one killer amp to squeeze into bedroom and rock out. 7) Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII. Orange guitar amps are the most distinctive in the business, by both sight and sound. While it’s true that Fender marketed it as a bass amp upon its original launch, the designer Freddie Tavares always intended it to be a multi-purpose amp. Even the smallest versions of this amp boast a premium sound, and unless you’re planning to play heavy metal for ever, the Vox AC30 is a safe bet as your own combo guitar amp.

Louis Electric Amplifiers

The signature sound of Louis Electric Amplifiers comes from the owner Louis Rosano’s passion for mid-to late-50s tweeds and early plexi’s. Through the production and use of the hand picked components, as well as the ear-tuning and testing of each Louis Electric amplifier, Louis Electric is dedicated to taking those early sounds and bringing them to the present. Warmth, clarity, responsiveness and seemingly unlimited headroom: this is the sonic signature of a Louis Electric Amplifier. Louis Rosano talks about meeting Warren Haynes for the first time at the Danny Gatton tribute concert. Louis Rosano reminisces about the early days as founder of the Louis Electric Amplifier Company.

Custom Made guitar and bass amplifiers. Valve amps, vintage repros & custom one-offs

Welcome to Gartone Amps, manufacturer of premium quality boutique valve amplifiers for guitar and bass, all individually handbuilt in the UK. Every Gartone amplifier is entirely handmade using only the finest components, and over the years we have built a reputation amongst players for quality, reliability, service and above all great tone. The Gartone range covers everything from vintage style to original designs to custom one-offs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please call or email with your requirements. The 2017 Guitar Show was a great success and we were overwhelmed by the numbers visiting our stand to chat and try out the amps. The new combos and Pento Sonic head attracted huge interest, as did the Regal 45 PS head and the ever popular Jewel.

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