Bilco Amps News for 05-20-2018

La capilla sixtina

Patch sew on Ace/Skull/Pistol 110 x 100mm…. $12.95 windows live manager Excluding GST: $11.77. Patch sew on Atomic Prick 7 x 6cm…. $10.00 ojala te animes Excluding GST: $9.09. Sew on patch Batwing 9 x 9cm…. $10.00 porte de versailles Excluding GST: $9.09. Patch sew on Celtic Skull Cross 80 x 125mm…. $12.95 in line water heater Excluding GST: $11.77. Patch sew on Cross/Flames/Skull 100 x 95mm…. $12.95 yo gabba gabba music Excluding GST: $11.77. 

Sew on patch Dreamcatcher 95 x 105mm…. $12.00 just the ticket Excluding GST: $10.91. Sew on patch finger 8 x 6cm…. $10.00 make up studio Excluding GST: $9.09. Patch sew on flame devil 18 x 4.5cm…. $12.00 beatles all you need is love Excluding GST: $10.91. Sew on patch flame skull 16 x 7cm…. $12.00 open source alternative Excluding GST: $10.91. Sew on patch flaming skull iron cross 8 x 8cm…. $8.00 newport mesa unified school district Excluding GST: $7.27. 

Sew on patch grateful skull 7 x 7cm…. $6.00 bed bath and body works Excluding GST: $5.45. Patch sew on Indian war bonnet skull13 x 11cm…. $12.95 jonas brother burning up lyrics Excluding GST: $11.77. 

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John Esposito Joins Real McCoy Spirits as Chairman

MYSTIC, CT – Real McCoy Spirits, the makers of the award-winning rum inspired by legendary Prohibition rum runner Bill McCoy, announces the appointment of distinguished industry veteran John Esposito as the company’s new chairman. John Esposito brings 40 years of leadership experience in all three tiers of the distilled spirits industry to the role of Real McCoy Spirits chairman. Esposito has also served as CEO,High West Distillery; president, Stoli Group USA; CEO, Bacardi North America; president and CEO of Schieffelin & Somerset and Moet Hennessy USA; as well as president of one of the largest distributors in the country, Premier Beverage of Florida. In his role as chairman, Esposito is responsible for helping to build strategic relationships, find talented people to join the Real McCoy team and assist with sales and marketing advice. The Real McCoy is a small batch artisan spirit crafted by fourth general Master Distiller Richard Seale at the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados and uses only the finest blackstrap molasses and pure spring water. 

In McCoy’s Prohibition Tradition, the multi-award winning suite of 3, 5, and 12 year aged single blended rums are unadulterated – there are no added sweeteners or flavorings. The rums are produced in a rare combination of column and artisan pot stills, then authentically aged in heavy char American oak bourbon barrels. 

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Canyoning dans les Pyrénées

Parcourir les flots bleus de ce parcours de caynoning plus aquatique qu’aérien, tendance large sourire. De l’eau, des sauts, des jeux, tout est rassemblé pour passer une journée tranquille suivre le fil de l’eau. Commencer le canyoning sur une journee, pour une initiation l’activité adaptée tous, en misant tous sur le coté ludique et accessible. Un parcours typé aquatique qui ravira les amateurs de sauts et de glissades…. Cette sortie en bref Vos avis sur cette sortie. 

Fred a été super avec nous, très drôle et sympathique, il nous a bien mis en confiance! Je conseille vivement cette activité aux amateurs de sport de nature! Les premières fois sont souvent les meilleures…Et ce fut le cas. Merci Fred pour sa bonne humeur, sa pédagogie et sa capacité nous mettre en confiance. Super groupe, beaucoup d’entraide, site magnifique et cela en toute sécurité. 

Découvrez tous nos avis sur TripAdvisor…. Reservez cette sortie. 

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hickory musical instruments

Mar 15Furman PB-40P Patch Bay, includes 8 patch cables $50. pic map. Mar 14Hartke 2.5 XL bass cabinet $200. pic map. Mar 13Brand new fender deluxe Roadhouse strat $500. 

pic map. Mar 12pa gear and DJ mixer with console and players $1. pic map. Mar 12Fryette Fat Bottom 4×12 with p50e’s $500. pic map. 

Mar 11Victorian parlor organ $125. pic map. Mar 11Vintage 1980’s Ludwig Rockers drum set $145. pic map. Mar 10Runyon tenor sax metal mouthpiece with spoiler $100. 

pic map. Mar 8Yamaha dreadnaught acoustic guitar $125. pic map. Mar 7Pearl Masters BCX 4pc shell pack/drum kit $600. pic map. 

Mar 4Hohner hc06 Classical guitar $75. pic map. Mar 2Fender super sonic head 60 watt condition $695. pic map. 

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Charleston’s Shepard Fairey creates inauguration protest posters

Charleston native Shepard Fairey is no stranger to political art. Fairey, who initially supported Bernie Sanders for president, and later, Hillary Clinton, is back with more political posters – ones that will be used to protest President-elect Donald Trump on inauguration day. A Kickstarter to fund the posters has already raised over $345,000. Amplifier is also helping get this art into the hands of people who want to use it to protest during the inauguration. If you want to join in protest but can’t make it to D.C., head to Charleston’s Women’s March on Washington, held at Liberty Square at 11 a.m. 


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Raymarine Marine Electronics

Today, FLIR introduced a new open array radar for fisherman, cruisers and professional mariners, the Raymarine Magnum. Including many of the same radar technologies trusted by the United States Coast Guard, Magnum offers enhanced target tracking, reliable performance, and superior image detail packaged in a sleek open array pedestal built to withstand the harsh marine environment. 

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