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Mini Tube Amplifier. Boutique Amp. The best Clean Amplifier.

Santi Guillén playing a Gretsch Anniversary with the BLUE-1005 Amplifier. The BLUE-1005 is a Mini Tube Amp, with a Clean to Crunch Sound, perfect to use …

Boutique Solid State Amp?

Author Topic: Boutique Solid State Amp? I’m very happy to have stumbled upon this forum. Having grown up in the 80s and learned about electronics long after tubes were in museums, it’s great to find others who are interested in solid state amps! I’ve been working in the electronics business for a few years now mostly doing designs of non-music stuff. My main project is a highly portable 1×12″ combo amp with a number of interesting features. Then that left the choice of a tube vs. solid state preamp. Can a solid state amp work as a boutique, high-end product? Would you pay $1000-1500 for a low-run, great solid state combo amp that has exceptional sound and features?

Artisan Series Handwired Boutique Guitar Amps

The Artisan Series of award-winning handwired guitar amps represents the absolute highest standard of craftsmanship and valve boutique tone. Each Artisan amplifier is designed to offer the widest range of classic vintage and boutique tones to the highest possible sonic standard. All the amps are simple in their operation and yet deceptively flexible in their functionality. Every aspect of the construction and design is the culmination of over 35 years of experience in valve amplifier design and gives you a purity of tone that only an amp built without compromise can deliver. Artisan amps are built to last a lifetime and effortlessly combine vintage style and rugged, road tested reliability.

ValveTrain Amplification | Hand-Wired Tube Amps | Tube …

ValveTrain Amplification specializes in hand-wired American built all tube amplifiers that are inspired by the most sought after vintage amps in history.

Blackstar Artisan 15 Boutique Guitar Amplifier – Quest …

Product Description Artisan 15 Guitar Amplifier A two channel handwired boutique combo…

Dr. Z Maz 18 Guitar Amplifier Review

Dr. Z Amplifiers are hand wired boutique guitar amps that combine world class craftsmanship and top notch components in a boutique amplifier that is not out of reach for most working worship guitarists. For this review we took a deep look at the Maz 18 which is arguably the Dr’s best amp. The 18 watts is a loud 18 watts and the Maz takes pedals better than just about every amp out there. In addition to the Maz 18 Dr. Z also makes a 38 watt and 8 watt version. Customization: At the moment Dr Z only offers their amps in red, cream and black whereas other companies are offering tons of tolex and grill cloth options.

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