boutique guitar amplifiers News for May 03 2017

Boutique Amp Distribution Factory Tour – Friedman, Morgan, 65, Tone King, Wampler etc.

This Factory Tour was super interesting to me… here they build some of the most coveted amps in the business and they are clearly doing it with a red hot …

Electric Guitars – Guitar Blog – Six String Soul

Browse the Six String Soul directory of incredible custom, boutique and popular electric guitars from top luthiers and manufacturers…with photos!

Marshall Style Amplifiers – Guitar Amps USA

Ceriatone Amplification makes tributes to a few of the great Marshall guitar amplifiers. Many of our amps are tributes/clones of other great classic amplifiers from …

Tonetronix Boutique Guitar Amplifiers, Effects Pedals, Accessories, Speakers, Pro-Sound And Speaker Repair Service

We’ll breathe life back into that tired treasure! We also specialize in the repair of Stringed Instruments and Pro Audio equipment. If you would like to send a unit in for electronic repair, you can fill out our Electronic Repair Form include it with your item to be repaired, and send it on its way. OEM Parts offered on most models at additional cost. Send your speakers into us for repair by visiting our Speaker Repair Form. Here you’ll find all info necessary to have us complete your repair.

Boutique custom guitar amps handmade

Siegmund Amplifiers are exceptional and unique tube amplifiers, created with genuine instrument making passion and craftsmanship. The heart and soul is the musical and electrical ideal balance, true innovation, best vintage components and non-compromise custom transformers. The beautiful and timeless esthetical aspects are an essential part of the whole experience of owning a truly special hand-crafted musical instrument.

Quilter Amps

When Pat Quilter set out to redefine the possibilities of what a guitar amplifier could be, he left no options off the table. Starting with his incredible tone shaping circuitry that has by all conventions “Cracked the code” of solid state amplifiers and on through the “40’s radio meets modern technology” styling you will be thoroughly amazed regardless of how you approach the MicroPro. Powerful: 100 watts per channel for a total of 200 wattsPortable: Ultra-lightweight and small footprintConsistent: All the tone of boutique amps costing 3 to 4 times the priceReliable: Engineered to simply never failFlexible: Can be used in almost any way imaginableTone: Used by legends of guitarDesigned by Patrick Quilter. Quilter Labs is revolutionizing guitar amplifier technology with products that sound incredible, weigh much less, and are powerful when you need them to be, but maintain good tone when they need to be quiet. Need help choosing a Quilter? Check out the guide at this link here.

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