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RUN-DMC – Walk This Way

Run-DMC’s official music video for ‘Walk This Way’ ft. Aerosmith. Click to listen to Run-DMC on Spotify: As …

Eminence Speakers, Eminence speakers for Guitar & Bass, speaker upgrades. Eminence Speaker, JBL EV, Jensen, Celestion, Fane, Peavey, Beyma, Pyle, RCF, P.Audio.

12″ guitar speaker Cast frame 8 ohms 200 watts RMS 80 oz. 12″ guitar speaker 8 ohms 150 watts RMS Loud & clean w/ tight bass. Free UPS Ground Shipping in the U.S. V12. LEGEND V12. 12″ guitar speaker 120 watts RMS Nice full smooth sound w/ nice harmonic balance Available in 8 & 16 ohms Legend V12-8 – 8 ohm version. 12″ guitar speaker 8 ohms 75 watts RMS Vintage sound that is British voiced. 12″ guitar speaker 8 ohms 75 watts RMS Great for classic blues. Free UPS Ground Shipping in the U.S. GB12. LEGEND GB12. 12″ guitar speaker 50 watts RMS Fast breakup w/ good bass Available in 8 ohms. 10″ guitar speaker 75 watts RMS Works nice w/ a Strat for that clean Fender tone Balanced sound w/ a very sweet tone Available in 8 or 16 ohms 8 ohm version. NEW WHEELHOUSE 150 12″ guitar speaker Hemp cone & lightweight neodymium magnet 150 watts RMS power handling Warm & smooth sound from country, fusion & blues Works in open or closed back cabinets Available in 8 ohms only Wheelhouse 150 – 8 ohms. Free UPS Ground Shipping in the U.S. GA10-SC64. GA-SC64. George Alessandro Signature 10″ Guitar speaker 20 watts RMS Tight bass with warm mids & sparkly highs Woks in both closed or ported speaker cabinets Available in 8 ohms GA10-SC64-8 – 8 ohms. GA-SC64. GA-SC64. George Alessandro Signature 12″ Guitar speaker 50 watts RMS Tight Low End with smooth sounding mids & highs Woks in both closed or ported speaker cabinets Available in 8 or 16 ohms GA-SC64-8 – 8 ohm version. NEW Paul Franklin PF-350 12″ guitar speaker Signature Series speaker Cast Aluminum Basket 350 watts program power handling Nice balance of lows, mids and highs Warm & clear sound from low to high volumes Works in open or closed back cabinets Available in 8 ohms only PF-350 – 8 ohms. Eric Johnson EJ1240 12″ guitar speaker Signature Series speaker Alnico magnet 50 watts RMS Punchy lows, throaty mids & articulate highs Works in open or closed back cabinets Available in 8 or 16 ohms EJ1240-8 – 8 ohm version.

Guitar Amplifiers

The headphone guitar amp that lets you enjoy serious guitar sound, fast. Simply plug this palm-sized headphone guitar amp directly into your guitar, and enjoy serious guitar sound anywhere, anytime. The NEW amPlug ‘Acoustic’ quickly creates shimmering, rich acoustic guitar sounds. The Blend combines the acoustic tone with the original signal for just the right mix! In combination with electric guitar’s own tone controls and pickup selection, the sound variation is unlimited. The ultra-long battery life provides up to 27 hours of extended enjoyment! At home, in the studio and on the go, amPlug Acoustic delivers superb acoustic guitar sounds anytime, anyplace. ‘Bass’ is modeled on VOX’s classic AC100 bass amp, and expands its potential with a full-range tone that supports today’s bass sounds. The oringial models are still available in three different sound styles: VOX AC30, Classic Rock, based on a UK-made amplifier head, and Metal, based on a California-made high-gain amplifier head. Even with its ultra-compact size, amPlug perfectly reproduces the complex and warm distortion that is distinctive of a vacuum tube, as well as the powerful high gain produced by a large amp stack. Using all new analog modeling technology, amPlug delivers full-fledged amp sound. Plugs directly into your guitar/ bass -a great-sounding headphone guitar amp that gives you serious sound fast. ‘Lead’ delivers hi-gain lead guitar sounds, plus a digital delay effect. Quick and easy setup! Just connect amPlug to your guitar and enjoy serious sound. In addition to practicing at home, it’s a great way to warm up before a live performance or on the road. And amPlug is not just a convenient way to get great guitar sound.

Mosrite Guitars

Mosrite is an American guitar manufacturing company, Originally based in Bakersfield, California in 1952. Today it does all of it’s American Manufacturing In Las Vegas, NV. Imports are strictly Japanese by Japan’s best guitar factory “Tokai”. Virtually everyone who is anyone has owned a Mosrite at some time in their life. Larry Gatton, Rick Springfield, & hundreds of well known musicians have all been captured by the allure of the Mosrite guitar. During the 60’s The Mosrite Fuzzrite was the creme de la creme of distortion devices. In the 60’s a Mosrite was priced at approximately double of a Fender Stratocaster. The cost of all the integral parts of the Mosrite forced the price up. Jimi would commonly smash and burn his easily replaceable Fenders but the Mosrite’s were treasured and well taken care of. “A friend of Moseley, a singing preacher named Rev. Ray Boatright, was deeply impressed with Moseley’s guitar designs, and put up front money for Moseley to found his guitar company. In gratitude, Moseley named the company by combining his and Boatright’s last names. It is generally pronounced”MÖZE-right. Mosrite guitars were known for innovative design, beautiful engineering, very thin, low-fretted and narrow necks, and extremely hot pickups. Moseley’s design for the Ventures, known as the “Ventures Model” was generally considered to be the flagship of the line, but all of his guitars bore his unmistakable touch. Mosrite also produced an unusual double-necked guitar, which was the type favored by Collins and Maphis; this design was also used by Nick Nastos, lead guitar player for Bill Haley & His Comets, during 1968.

Boutique Guitar Amplifiers, Cabinets, and Pedals

Port City Amplification is an independent boutique guitar amplifier, cabinet, and pedal builder based out of Asheville, North Carolina. All of our amps and patented Wave Cabinets are built and tested by a small team of technicians and creative professionals with an extremely high level of detail and care.

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