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Inlay Tutorial – Multi-Piece Polar Bear (Part 2)

Welcome back to Crimson Guitars! Here is the 2nd part of the Inlay tutorial series where Ben is making a custom Polar bear, multi-piece inlay using Mother of …

Vintage Electric Guitar Sales and Consignments.

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Guitar- Amp- Buy- Sell, Fender Tube Amplifiers

Old school narrow neck, it plays like butter! I’ve had it for 15yrs. With a narrow taper Old School Neck this Gibson is one of the sweetest sounding, easiest and best playing guitars I’ve seen in my almost 20 years of guitar playing – $1900 takes all! This is NOT a chambered guitar like new ones and the difference is amazing! Ask the man who plays one. Classic Tube Amp; not only a collectors item blows away Fender Twin! All Original, w/ Mesa Tubes $850, obo. Fender 1983 w/Owners Manual – Better sound and versatility than a twin. Gnarly and light overdrive, EQ, and pristine clean channel!!! All tube, point to point wiring designed by Paul Rivera. Tube pre and power stages, AND tube powered effects loop. Rich warm tone on the clean channel, with boutique amp tone.1983 Concert Amp is a special amp designed by the guru Paul Rivera. Foot switchable Overdrive and Reverb with Fender amp tone to die for. With Volume, Master Volume & Gain controls for infinite overdrive settings. 1 x 12 inch Celestion ‘Vintage 30’ G12 Speaker – 25 lbs lighter than a Twin.Spring reverb, foot-switchable, rich and very thick on higher settings. Two speaker jacks; extended for a cabinet and on-board speaker.

NACE AMPS: full featured vacuum tube guitar amplifiers

All products are on SALE!Head – $750 plus $25 S&HExtension – $350 plus $30 S&HCombo – $900 plus $40 S&HPlease go to “SPECS and PRODUCTS” to order. PRO-18 Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifier with many new features. This is not a “Me too” amp! Create your own unique sound usually without pedals. A front panel control, not a switch, that can vary the output power from 1W to 18W * and all points in between and maintain the same tone settings of the amplifier. Now you have a practice amp and a stage amp in one amp. New: High and Low impedance input front panel jacks. Now you can easily daisy chain multiple amps or use the low input to add recorded rhythm from your IPhone, IPad, or other portable device. Rhythm to lead level boost with external foot switch. Use in conjunction with the gain and/or Variable Power controls to set levels. Ideal for pedals that you don’t want distorted with the amps front end. Back Panel 1/4 jack to turn the reverb on and off with external foot switch. Please refer to the “Specs and Products” tab for full details.

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