boutique guitar amplifiers News for April 27 2017

Wangs Amps VT-1H Mini Tube Guitar Amplifier Demo & Review

Wangs Amps (Biyang) VT-1H Mini Tube Guitar Amplifier Review & Demo by Matt Stottmann Today we take a deep dive into the Wangs Amps VT-1H Mini All …

Quilter Amps

Modern tubes aren’t as good as they used to be, and tube amps are inherently finicky, costly, and heavy. A good hand-wired boutique amp, built like they used to be, costs thousands of dollars, and “Semi affordable” tube amps involve drastic reductions in power, tone, versatility, and reliability. Conventional solid state runs somewhat cooler and eliminates some of the large transformers that make tube amps so heavy. Musicians noticed a much colder, harsher tone quality and continued to favor tube amps. Pat Quilter, founder of QSC Audio Products and a veteran designer with over 45 years of experience, is one of the few designers whose career spans tubes, solid state, and the new switchmode technology.

Category 5 Amplification :: Custom Hand Made Boutique …

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Homestead Amps | Hand-Crafted, Boutique Amplifiers with …

Homestead Amps are the hand-crafted, boutique amplifiers with impeccably polished tone used by Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule, Jimmy Herring , Dirk Miller, Jorgen …

Boutique Amps Distribution

BOUTIQUE AMPS DISTRIBUTION 3383 Gage Ave. Huntington Park, CA 90255 Phone: 323-277-4119 Fax: 323-277-3232 FOR SALES

Distinctive Guitar: Boutique High-End Guitars, Amps, & Effects

Between Breedlove and Lowden we have gotten some really amazing acoustics over. Spring has arrived and so has a new Distinctive Guitar calendar! Check out our. Suhr’s new Badger series is appointed in an elegant more refined look, and an.

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