boutique guitar amplifiers News for October 18 2017

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The Beatles hit the B & W TV to Broadway, there’s nothing like MUSIC! For me, owner of Guitar Boutique, it was the 1st time I saw The Beatles on TV & sat on a old drum set. It was the 60’s & I was blown away, had the fever. During those years I had no wheels, so I walked from town to town playing the Harmonica. If I had time to kill I played the blues, but if time was short, I played Rock-n-Roll. A few years later I bought a used guitar from my barber. It was 1975 & the guitar was a 1957 Gibson Les Paul TV Model in a clipboard cardboard case. After opening up Guitar Boutique we found the enjoyment of teaching other to fulfill their musical dreams. Escape from the ordinary and visit us at…. Guitar Boutique!

Kendrick Amplifiers, Tube Amps, Guitars, Books, DVDs, and Tube Amp Parts ~ Welcome!

Kendrick Amplifiers have made several thousands of tube guitar amps in the last nearly two decades. These unique amp designs have features that are suitable for different situations. Recording amps, practice amps, gigging amps, touring amps, and even harmonica amps. Anyone that knows me, knows my motto, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing!”.

Acoustic Guitar Amps Directory: The Best & Top-Rated Amplifiers

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