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Here are some valve guitar amps custom made for clients around Australia. “Hi Impedance Hi Gain input and Normal Gain input especially for harp microphones.Baxandall Bass and Treble.6V6 18 watt valve rectified, cathode bias power stage.10” Weber Alnico speaker. Custom 35 Head 35R. EL34 35 watt cathode biased power amp with GZ34 rectifier. Stereo 6V6GT 20 watt power amps, each with cathode bias and GZ34 valve. 35 watt cathode biased harmonica amp inspired by Masco public address amps. 6L6GT power tubes with a choice of valve rectifiers. Steampunk Guitar Amp 25R. The “Ampenstein” amp head is an all pentode amp, made up of two pentode gain stages with a Baxandall tone stack and a triode strapped 6J7 phase splitter driving a pair of 6L6GT power valves for 25 watts. “American Deluxe single channel 15 watt EL84 amplifier with solid state power supply.Celestion Tube Ten 10” speaker. Duet KT66 45 – 50 watt cathode bias power stage GZ34 valve rectifier or solid state. Duet EL84 15 – 18 watt power stage, 5Y3 or GZ34 valve rectifier. “Two channel with overdrive, valve reverbQuad power amp with a pair of EL34 and a pair of 5881.valve/solid state rectifier switch, 45 watts.Power stage tone selection using different combinations of triode and pentode mode.2 x 10” Celestion speakers Meranti cabinet with blue vinyl covering Custom gold plated edge corners and leather handle brackets. “Dual Overdrive amp American Deluxe and British Deluxe, plus overdrive, tremolo and reverb.Duet 7027A Class A 20 watt power stage, valve rectifier.2 x 10” Celestion speakers.

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Carvin Audio and Amplifiers has been designing and building guitar amplifiers since 1946 with all tube designs, solid state designs and blends of both. The all tube 100 watt V3 and 50 watt V3m series provides two high gain channels and a clean channel. The all tube 100 watt Legacy 3 series, designed with and used by Steve Vai, provides 3 channels of Steve’s signature sound and versatility for any player. The X100B, a reissue of our 80s and early 90s flagship amplifier, is the perfect blend of preamp tube tone, solid state equalization, and all tube 100W power amplifier. The TS100 provides a 50/50 watt stereo all tube power amplifier for rack guitar systems, and allows you to add more cabinets to our other guitar amplifiers as Steve Vai has done. The V3M Series amps take many of the popular features of the V3 Series, and incorporate them in a small light weight package that packing 50 watts of power from four EL84 power tubes. The versatility of the V3m comes from the all tube gain, three tone characters on each channel and the EQ expansion switch covering many genres and playing styles. The V3’s tube signal path delivers pure tone from warm to shimmering to infinite sustain and crunch for all styles of music. The all tube Vintage Series guitar amps reflect our devotion to tone. Matched EL84 output tubes and 12AX7 tubes react to the subtlest touch – if you play soft, the tubes remain clean. The tube X100B Mark IV is the classic master volume tube amplifier, with it’s unique active tone controls and 5-band graphic EQ, allowing any sound to be achieved. The TS100 rack-mount all tube stereo amp produces pristine clean tones via it’s warm tube performance.

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Being a company which produces vintage boutique amplifiers and effects, we at Baroni Lab are always searching for different tones, as well as experimenting with different combinations of equipment in order to constantly increase the quality of our products. The world of tone and guitar performance is a veritable labyrinth, with myriad twists and turns involved in achieving the ultimate goal of a sought-after sound. Variables with the guitar include the wood condition and paint-job, the pickups and selector switch, the tone control and the volume. The angle of the wah as it filters the sound is another important variable. Obviously, it is challenging to reproduce certain tones, the ‘Woman Tone’ being a great example. These methods will never even get you close to the desired tone. The latest product video I made was for the Baroni Lab ‘Moon Sound’ distortion stompbox. Its a great little effect, designed to recreate Dave Gilmour’s lead tone on the famous Dark Side of the Moon album, and it does a great job. The Moon Sound was set up to give the perfect tone for the solo from ‘Money’ with this pickup, and the result was amazing. The higher response from the active pickups meant that, in order to achieve the same Gilmour tone, The ‘Moon Sound’ had to be set up differently to accommodate the different pickup types. We take pride in delivering top of the range boutique amplifiers and effects, and every one of them is created with amazing quality of sound as the main goal. The ‘Moon Sound’ did a great job at crafting the Gilmour sound with two completely different kinds of pickup, and so it truly passes the test for being a wonderful and versatile effect.

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