boutique guitar amplifiers News for October 11 2017

Mad Professor Amp / Duesenberg Guitar – Boutique Tone Demo Boutique Tone demo of a Mad Professor CS40 amplifier through a Two-Rock 212 speaker cabinet, and a Duesenberg Double Cat …


But a lot of great info on amps and tubes. At this site you’ll find info on tubes for guitaramps, how they sound and influence your tone. Besides info on tubes, you can find various articles on improving your equipment and the largest list of Mesa/Boogie schematics online. Also a Gear Database which contains all preamps, poweramps, switchers, etc I know. The past years I’ve worked on several solutions for guitar players. A simple but affective buffer to preserve your signal and a remotely controlled A/B switcher for example. Info on this can be found at the Schematics and Products sections. Remember, this site is made by an enthusiast, not a commercial company.

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