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Best guitar combo amp ever? | World guitar amp manufacturers Impara a costruire, riparare e regolare la tua chitarra elettrica e basso elettrico. Scrivimi oggi per maggiori informazioni a: …

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Oxygen is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and builds amplifiers for those that are truly serious about tone. Our circuit is completely transparent! By adjusting the volume and gain accordingly you are able to achieve the same tone and gain characteristics at power levels around 1 Watt which is ideal for even the smallest venues. Our builders in conjunction with Kevin O’Connor, the originator of power scaling, have developed the latest iteration of this proven system to reduce power output. Since the Oxygen power scaling reduces power by reducing voltage to the output stage, the result is clean tone without sacrificing tube life. Attenuators, on the other hand, reduce power output by creating an artificial load after the output stage.

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Handcrafted guitars and custom instruments from a select group of builders is our specialty. We work closely with our builders to offer you the most unique selection of handbuilt, one-of-a-kind guitars in the world. We offer handmade guitars from JET, Nik Huber, Nash, Frank Hartung, Red Rocket, b3 Guitars by Gene Baker, Knaggs, M-Tone, Duesenberg, Novo, McSwain, Rock N’ Roll Relics, Asher, Big TexSpecializing in spectacular electric guitars means that we must also offer the cream of the crop in boutique effects pedals and amplifiers. We thoroughly enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for the finest handmade guitars, amplifiers, and pedals with our customers, and we hope that our approach provides a refuge to all who enjoy the pleasures of handcrafted quality. Check back often as we constantly acquire used and vintage guitars and amplifiers.

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Boutique Electric Guitar Amps Electric Guitars. Sale … We stock the finest in handwired boutique tube amplifiers from the most well respected builders.

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A fully discrete design which has stood the test of time for it’s great predominantly rock’n’roll sound, awe inspiring volume and unique reliability. One of the few transistor amplifiers with the right sound. Constructed with modern equivalents of the components used in the 1974 design, the sound is very close to the original []..

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Sound Pure carries a great variety of boutique, hand/made guitar amplifiers and accessories. Whether you are looking for a modern sound or a vintage replica, a clean acoustic sound or a nasty electric sound, tubes or solid state, you can find what you are looking for here. We are also able to make these rooms available to our clients, if they wish to simply hear an amp in an optimal acoustic environment, or want to tryout the perfect recording signal path while they also demo the amp of their dreams. Because Sound Pure has such an obsessive interest in sound and acoustics, they make every effort to study thoroughly the sound of each amp they carry, as well as the amps that they choose not to carry so that they can be equally effective in consulting clients that are in person, or on the other side of the globe. Call Sound Pure and speak to one of our guitar experts about your particular needs, and please look for the variety of sound clips and videos on the amps that we carry, because just as our amp collection will certainly continue to grow, our sound clip collection will assuredly continue to grow in number as well.

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