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D-lab advice building boutique tube amps How to Classic guitar design shop

I have been asked this question many times. ” Should I get into building custom tube amps”? I’d say yes, however some thought should be invested into the big …

Boutique Amps | Guitar Collector | Best Amplifier Builders

Gear Collector offers the best boutique amps from the best amplifiers builders around. We carry Benson Amps, XITS, Fargen, Exclusive Amps, J Design & more.

Guitar Amplifiers | Vintage and New – Vintage Guitar Boutique

We’ve a large range of New and Vintage Amplifiers for any budget available to try in store or buy online.

Tonetronix Boutique Guitars, Effects Pedals, Amplifiers

We’ll breathe life back into that tired treasure! We also specialize in the repair of Stringed Instruments and Pro Audio equipment. If you would like to send a unit in for electronic repair, you can fill out our Electronic Repair Form include it with your item to be repaired, and send it on its way. For all speaker repair issues, please use our Speaker Repair Form.

Welcome to Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt Amplification Manufactures Custom Made Boutique Guitar Amplifiers Speaker Enclosures and Effects pedals

Dave’s Corner: Boutique Amp Guide Part II

Feel free, even so, to suggest boutique amp makers that you’d like to see covered in the comments below. Rather than copying or updating the classics, like so many boutique makers do, Steve Carr of North Carolina’s Carr Amplifiers has long been dedicated to devising inspiringly original circuits and amp designs to achieve great tone and superb functionality for today’s guitarist. The quest to achieve authentic tweed tone in a new amp available to today’s players led Mark Baier to found Victoria Amp Company just outside Chicago in 1994. The Victoria stable runs the gamut of “Narrow-panel” tweed amp models, from the Champ-esque 518 to the high-powered Twin-style 80212, while also doing a great rendition of the fabled late-’50s Gibson GA-40 Les Paul amp in its Electro King combo. Dave Hunter is a writer and musician who has worked extensively in the USA and the UK. The author of The Guitar Amp Handbook, Guitar Effects Pedals, Guitar Amps & Effects For Dummies, The Gibson Les Paul and several other books, Dave is also a regular contributor to Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar magazines.

boutique guitar amplifiers News for April 29 2017

New Guitar Amp Company Making Noise in Canada – Sanford Magnetics

Turn it to 11 you say? You won’t have to with the new Sanford Magnetics guitar amp that is making a positive impression with guitarists hungry for that boutique …

Phaez Amps

Custom Boutique Guitar Amplifiers. WELCOME TO PHAEZAMP.COM Custom Built Boutique Guitar Amplifiers with Vintage Sound and Great Tone.


Now Available!! EL-Toro…the first Sommatone bass amp! 180 watt of all tube goodness…now taking orders!! Sommatone does direct sales exclusively! In doing so we’ve reduced the pricing on all of our amplifiers. Sommatone Consultation:Get the Tone You Want! We’ll go through your rig and figure out how to optimize your gear so you can achieve the sound you’re searching for. Sommatone is a full service guitar & amp repair shop.

Cole Music Company – Boutique Guitars, Amps, and Pedals

Cole Music Co. specializes in handcrafted boutique guitars, amps, and pedals for discerning musicians and barroom pickers.

Used – Infinity Guitars – Boutique Guitars, Amps, Pedals

Used – Infinity Guitars – Boutique Guitars, Amps, Pedals. … Guitar & Amp Repair; AMPS. Sell or trade your amplifier. Call us 281-759-4040. Mesa Boogie Electra-Dyne.

Boutique Amp Designer and Amp Manufacturer

Louis Electric Amplifiers is a boutique amp designer and amp manufacturer of the finest hand-wired guitar amplifiers available today. Based in New Jersey, Louis Electric has been building amplifiers for over 20 years and has worked with such artists as Keith Richards, John Fogerty, Danny Gatton, Hubert Sumlin, Warren Haynes, Jorma Kaukonen, Duke Robillard, Robben Ford, Ana Popovic, Jackson Browne and so many others. To see a full list of artists and their amp of choice, view the Louis Electric Amp artist profiles. Through the production and use of the hand picked components, as well as the ear-tuning and testing of each Louis Electric amplifier, Louis Electric is dedicated to taking those early sounds and bringing them to the present. Louis Rosano, the man behind Louis Electric, is the founder, sole designer, and builder of every Louis Electric amplifier.

boutique guitar amplifiers News for April 28 2017

Gear Of The Year: Best Amplifier 2015

Mark counts down the best new amplifiers of 2015. Hear the full Gear Of The Year discussion in the Guitar Nerds podcast: …

Juketone | Boutique Guitar Amplifiers

Juketone Guitar Amplifier Cabinet 10 Quick view. Amplified Soul. About Juketone. Juketone stands for what is important to every guitar player.

Guitars And Amplifiers

We are Western North Carolina’s only boutique guitar shop. We offer a wide selection of boutique guitars, pedals, and amps with instruments great for both beginners and experts. We encourage you to browse our online selection of great lines like Tom Anderson Guitars, Divided by 13 Amps, Huss and Dalton Guitars, Carr Amps, and Little Walter Amps and our many boutique pedal lines. We offer expert service and a superior customer experience. Does not apply to guitars cabinets sold separately for heads.

Swart Amps Atomic Boutique Tube Amplifiers American Made Guitar Amps

If only words could actually convey sound fully; they always fall short to some extent. That’s where I stand with the Space Tone Atomic Jr, the latest amazing, soulful little amp from the hands of Michael Swart.

Boutique Guitar Amps

As the name and the tasteful look of these expertly-crafted boutique amps implies, Top Hat amps are nothing if not classy. For that earthy, rootsy sound that’s only heard in the most legendary vintage tube guitar amps, Top Hat amps nail it down. The attention to detail apparent in these boutique amps makes them ideal for the studio as well as the stage, and more and more artists are moving to Top Hat every day. Everyone from Steely Dan to Bonnie Raitt to Elliot Smith to Weezer to Rod Stewart to the Eagles depend on Top Hat amps to deliver unmatched guitar tone. The BadAxe Boutique is proud to offer a collection of Top Hat amps, including combos and speaker cabinets.

Vintage Guitar Boutique

The biggest independent music store in Central London, with an awe inspiring range of new, used and vintage guitars. At Vintage Guitar Boutique you’ll find timeless classics, historic and iconic heritage brands heralded the world over. At VGB you’ll find expertise that’s second to none, a friendly and honest service providing players, collectors and investors with the very best in new, vintage and used guitars, basses, amps, effects and accessories. With such an impressive vintage collection, we absolutely had to have to very best of new guitars available. We believe in selling guitars that have the highest quality in design and build, so whether you’re taking those first tentative steps into playing guitar or if you’re looking for industry standard or investment grade pieces we’ll have the right thing for you.

boutique guitar amplifiers News for April 27 2017

Wangs Amps VT-1H Mini Tube Guitar Amplifier Demo & Review

Wangs Amps (Biyang) VT-1H Mini Tube Guitar Amplifier Review & Demo by Matt Stottmann Today we take a deep dive into the Wangs Amps VT-1H Mini All …

Quilter Amps

Modern tubes aren’t as good as they used to be, and tube amps are inherently finicky, costly, and heavy. A good hand-wired boutique amp, built like they used to be, costs thousands of dollars, and “Semi affordable” tube amps involve drastic reductions in power, tone, versatility, and reliability. Conventional solid state runs somewhat cooler and eliminates some of the large transformers that make tube amps so heavy. Musicians noticed a much colder, harsher tone quality and continued to favor tube amps. Pat Quilter, founder of QSC Audio Products and a veteran designer with over 45 years of experience, is one of the few designers whose career spans tubes, solid state, and the new switchmode technology.

Category 5 Amplification :: Custom Hand Made Boutique …

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Homestead Amps | Hand-Crafted, Boutique Amplifiers with …

Homestead Amps are the hand-crafted, boutique amplifiers with impeccably polished tone used by Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule, Jimmy Herring , Dirk Miller, Jorgen …

Boutique Amps Distribution

BOUTIQUE AMPS DISTRIBUTION 3383 Gage Ave. Huntington Park, CA 90255 Phone: 323-277-4119 Fax: 323-277-3232 FOR SALES

Distinctive Guitar: Boutique High-End Guitars, Amps, & Effects

Between Breedlove and Lowden we have gotten some really amazing acoustics over. Spring has arrived and so has a new Distinctive Guitar calendar! Check out our. Suhr’s new Badger series is appointed in an elegant more refined look, and an.

boutique guitar amplifiers News for April 26 2017

Boutique Guitar Tube Amp Crimson King – Delcam Audio

Testing our new Crimson King Amp. 50W All Tube Amp. Recording Gear: Guitar — AMP — Speaker Cabinet — Microphone — Interface — DAW Guitar : Ibanez …

Boutique guitar amplifiers designed for custom guitar …

Boutique guitar amplifiers designed for custom guitar amplifier musicians. Amplifiers . Tweed 12; Rail Rider; Serenity; Wraith; Havoc; Chaos – Bass; About; Demos …

The 20 best guitar amplifiers in the world today | MusicRadar

News; Guitars; The 20 best guitar amplifiers in the world today; The 20 best guitar amplifiers in the world today. By The MusicRadar team…

Amps – Boutique – Cream City Music

Get exceptional service and the best prices on boutique amps at Cream City Music.

Boutique Guitar Amps, Vintage Amps, Varistor Vibrato

Amazing is the one word description for the new improved Magnatone. The revered Vibrato in a modern power section and pre-amp package makes the Magnatone not only a must hear but a must have. Nothing else compares – past or present – the future is here!

Guitar Amps

No matter how much other gear you have, you won’t have much of a tone without a guitar amp. Acoustic combo amps such as BOSS’s Acoustic Singer line even offers onboard guitar and vocal effects. No matter what type of guitar amp you choose, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to keep it protected and working flawlessly night after night. From amp cases to replacement parts, we offer a wide range of guitar amplifier accessories. No matter what type of music you play, what your budget is, or what features are the most important to you, Sweetwater is here to help, and we stock thousands of guitar amps, ensuring we have the right one for you.

boutique guitar amplifiers News for April 25 2017

12 CRANKED Guitar Amps Comparison on a TELECASTER

3 Monkeys The Orangutan, ENGL Screamer 50, Fender Bassbreaker 18/30, Roland BluesCube, Bugera Vintage V22, Koch Twintone Mk3, Dr.Z Galaxie, Vox …

Trillium Amplifiers

Trillium Amplifier Company makes the finest boutique guitar amplifiers available today. Trillium amplifiers have been designed and constructed to ensure exceptional sound and a lifetime of faithful service. Our designs are born out of the desire to make the most tonally rich and visually appealing amplifiers possible. Unlike most amplifiers that are relegated to basement or back room, our amplifiers are worthy of display and are destined to become a familiar part of your surroundings. The uncompromising artistic beauty of the cabinetry and the truly brilliant sound of the amplifier are intended to satisfy even the most discriminating musician.

Roundup: Nine 1×12 Combo Amps

Whether it’s a 5-watt practice rig or a 50- or 100-watter for stage use, a workhorse combo always seems to be the go-to choice for the situation. Combos come in so many varieties now, from single-channel retro types to multi-channel fire-breathers with closed-back cabinets to digital modeling combos that pack dozens of amps and effects for those who want it all in one convenient package. We tested these amps with a variety of humbucker and single- coil guitars from Gibson, Fender, PRS, Fernandes, Fano, and others, and evaluated them all for tone, flexibility, and quality of construction. THE DREAM WEAVER CONJOINS FOUR AMPS INTO A KIND OF SUPER GROUP combo that aims at replicating many of the guitar sounds you’ve heard on classic rock records. The Dream Weaver combo is pricey, but when you consider that you’re getting the equivalent of four hand-wired amps in one package it starts to sound like a bargain.×12-combo-amps/…

Vintage Guitar® magazine

1965 Marshall Model 1973 “18 Watter” 2×12 Combo($8,000 to $10,000)This small Marshall makes a big, crunchy sound, and has earned a major cult following in the process. 1966-’69 Marshall Super Lead($7,000 to $8,900 custom color)Several models have contributed to the Marshall mystique, but the Super Lead was undeniably the big boy of them all – the amp that took genuine rock stars onto the big stage. 1965-’66 Kitchen-Marshall JTM45With an alternative look and badge, these creations by Marshall for the Kitchen Music chain in North London often included minor circuit twists, and were among earlier Marshalls to use EL34 output tubes. 1987-’89 Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 Full Stack($4,000 to $5,300)To celebrate its 25th anniversary in 1987, Marshall blended several elements of its vintage and contemporary amp designs and covered it all in silver, to make what many consider a modern classic. 1965-’66 Marshall JTM50 Model 1963 PA Head($3,800 to $4,600)Can’t get your hands on a 50-watt Lead amp? Turns out the Marshall PA head did much the same trick, for a little less cash – as many players quickly discovered.

Boutique Amps | High End Guitar Amps | Distinctive Guitar

Browse Distinctive Guitars collection of rare, vintage, & boutique guitar amps from: Bogner, Friedman, Hiwatt, Morgan, Suhr, & more.

ARTISTS – Port City Amplification | Boutique Guitar …

Port City Artists and Industry Professionals … Port City Amplification | Boutique Guitar Amplifiers, Cabinets, and Pedals

boutique guitar amplifiers News for April 24 2017

GUITAR AMPLIFIER PLAYER’S GUIDE P3 – BOUTIQUE TONE Boutique Tone is proud to present Amp Guru Dave Zimmerman and the launch of his book Guitar Amplifier Player’s Guide.

Vintage Guitar Tube Amplifiers, boutique hand wired, point to point vintage combo tube amplifier

FireBelly guitar tube amplifiers are hand soldered vintage tube amps that are built one component and one tube amplifier at time. At “FIREBELLY”, the father and son team of Steven and Scott successfully “Nail” the tone of vintage tube amplifiers of the early 1950’s and 1960’s with enhanced and upgraded re-creations of some of the finest original hand wired Blackface vintage tube guitar amps and Tweed vintage tube amps ever produced. Our boutique guitar tube amplifiers are hand wired, point-to-point “Style” vintage tube amplifiers that are based on the most sought after vintage tube amp circuits of the late 50’s and early 60’s. Our custom, hand wired vintage tube amplifiers start as low as $489.00 We are generally priced 50% less than the custom shops and we are the best priced amp builder in the country compared to other boutique builders who sell through distributers. If you are looking for a hand wired, vintage tube guitar amplifier, contact FIREBELLY and learn how amazing a “Dripping with Tone” vintage tube amplifier can sound. Though our vintage tube amplifiers are equipped with period correct Jensen speakers, we can also install Eminence or Weber speakers upon request in your vintage guitar tube amplifier.

Gear Collector | Boutique Guitars | Amplifiers | Effects

Gear Collector brings together the best built custom and boutique guitars, amplifiers, pedals, effects and accessories from the best builders in the world.

Boutique Guitar Amps | Tube Amps | Handwired Amps

Acoustic Guitar Amps: Bass Guitar Amplifiers: Electric Guitar Amps: Preowned Amps: We specialize in the finest boutique tube amplifiers from the world’s best builders

Guitar Boutique, Rare, Unique, Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Amps, NJ, NYC, NY

At Guitar Boutique we carry instruments in all price ranges to satisfy a wide variety of Customers. Maybe you would like to Trade In or Trade Up your Guitar or Amp. Escape from the ordinary and visit us at…. GUITAR BOUTIQUE!. Beside Repairs we can set up your Guitar to play with ease. “Guitar Sculpture stands over 7 foot tall in front of Guitar Boutique. Sculpture is made of 1/4” steel and weighs over 250 lbs.

Boutique Guitar Amplifiers, Cabinets, and Pedals

Port City Amplification is an independent boutique guitar amplifier, cabinet, and pedal builder based out of Asheville, North Carolina. All of our amps and patented Wave Cabinets are built and tested by a small team of technicians and creative professionals with an extremely high level of detail and care.

boutique guitar amplifiers News for April 23 2017

Boutique amps

Guitar Amps, Boutique Amps, Tube Amps, Pedals, Bass

Boutique guitar amps and pedals. Discover a new palette of touch sensitivity and musicality through our products. A full line of both heads and combos.

NAMM Awards: Top 10 Best Guitar Amplifiers From The Show in 2014

15-Jul-14 02:31 AM.Heritage Man Said…. I’ve been playing guitar for almost five decades. I’ve owned, and own so many guitars and amplifiers, I don’t know how many. Each amp, and each guitar performs a specific function. The best “Whatever” in the world is the one “YOU” like the most, period. 08-Jan-15 04:04 PM.Mitch Thundercok Said… I want to shoot the Fender amp guy.

Custom Guitar Amplifiers Boutique Guitar Amplifiers Hand …

Soul Tramp Amplification designs and builds boutique guitar amplifiers. Soul Tramp amps are handcrafted custom amps built of the finest components and Mercury …

HOME – Two-Rock Amplifiers

The Burnside is an 18 watt Two-Rock … Two-Rock Amplifiers was founded by Bill Krinard and Joe Mloganoski and in just a few years’ time, it became the boutique …

Cave Valley Amps – Custom Handbuilt Boutique Guitar Amps …

Here at Cave Valley Amps we build the tone that you’ve been hearing in your head but never experienced until now. We provide a unique experience where each amp is …

boutique guitar amplifiers News for April 22 2017

Best guitar combo amp ever? | World guitar amp manufacturers Impara a costruire, riparare e regolare la tua chitarra elettrica e basso elettrico. Scrivimi oggi per maggiori informazioni a: …

Boutique Guitar Amplifiers & Audio Equipment

Oxygen is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and builds amplifiers for those that are truly serious about tone. Our circuit is completely transparent! By adjusting the volume and gain accordingly you are able to achieve the same tone and gain characteristics at power levels around 1 Watt which is ideal for even the smallest venues. Our builders in conjunction with Kevin O’Connor, the originator of power scaling, have developed the latest iteration of this proven system to reduce power output. Since the Oxygen power scaling reduces power by reducing voltage to the output stage, the result is clean tone without sacrificing tube life. Attenuators, on the other hand, reduce power output by creating an artificial load after the output stage.

Boutique Guitars, Amps, Pedals

Handcrafted guitars and custom instruments from a select group of builders is our specialty. We work closely with our builders to offer you the most unique selection of handbuilt, one-of-a-kind guitars in the world. We offer handmade guitars from JET, Nik Huber, Nash, Frank Hartung, Red Rocket, b3 Guitars by Gene Baker, Knaggs, M-Tone, Duesenberg, Novo, McSwain, Rock N’ Roll Relics, Asher, Big TexSpecializing in spectacular electric guitars means that we must also offer the cream of the crop in boutique effects pedals and amplifiers. We thoroughly enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for the finest handmade guitars, amplifiers, and pedals with our customers, and we hope that our approach provides a refuge to all who enjoy the pleasures of handcrafted quality. Check back often as we constantly acquire used and vintage guitars and amplifiers.

Guitar Amplifiers | Boutique Amps | Boutique Guitar Amps

Boutique Electric Guitar Amps Electric Guitars. Sale … We stock the finest in handwired boutique tube amplifiers from the most well respected builders.

Custom Boutique Guitar Amplifiers

A fully discrete design which has stood the test of time for it’s great predominantly rock’n’roll sound, awe inspiring volume and unique reliability. One of the few transistor amplifiers with the right sound. Constructed with modern equivalents of the components used in the 1974 design, the sound is very close to the original []..

Electric Guitar Amps

Sound Pure carries a great variety of boutique, hand/made guitar amplifiers and accessories. Whether you are looking for a modern sound or a vintage replica, a clean acoustic sound or a nasty electric sound, tubes or solid state, you can find what you are looking for here. We are also able to make these rooms available to our clients, if they wish to simply hear an amp in an optimal acoustic environment, or want to tryout the perfect recording signal path while they also demo the amp of their dreams. Because Sound Pure has such an obsessive interest in sound and acoustics, they make every effort to study thoroughly the sound of each amp they carry, as well as the amps that they choose not to carry so that they can be equally effective in consulting clients that are in person, or on the other side of the globe. Call Sound Pure and speak to one of our guitar experts about your particular needs, and please look for the variety of sound clips and videos on the amps that we carry, because just as our amp collection will certainly continue to grow, our sound clip collection will assuredly continue to grow in number as well.

boutique guitar amplifiers News for April 21 2017

Epic Tone Trip: Episode 1 (Boutique Guitars & Amps! Suhr, Port City, Two-Rock, Diezel, +More)

Jody Mac & I decided to go on a road trip to Montreal, Quebec, in a search for epic tones! We literally drove the entire way, just to check out an amazing shop …

What Is A Boutique Guitar Amp?

Perform a Google search on the term “What is a boutique amp” and you will find many threads from many gear related forums where members debate the meaning of the term and the criteria by which a boutique amp is defined. Virtually every participant in the online boutique debate agrees that to be considered a boutique amp company small or limited production capacity is a requirement. There are many amp companies that are generally considered to be boutique, such as Soldano, Rivera, Fuchs and THD to name a few that use PCBs. Note that while these amps use PCBs, they are hand assembled and, in at least the case of the Gem, the components are mounted to the PCB by hand and hand soldered. Most if not all participants in the boutique debate seem to agree that to be considered a boutique amp builder, production must take place locally – not in Asia or other areas of the world where labor rates are low. It’s interesting to note that in all of the online forum threads that I studied, VERY few participants mentioned tone as a defining factor of a boutique amp! A few commented that not all boutique amps sound good to them.

Boutique Guitar Exchange – Atlanta Georgia: New & Used Guitars

Amps. Magnatone; Suhr; ToneVille; Lockard; Divided by 13; Panama; Vintage; Red Plate; Fishman; Pre-Owned; … Boutique Guitar Exchange. 676-A North Highland Ave …

Headstrong Amplifiers hand wired Tweed and Blackface replica clone Fender Style Tube amps

For more than 10 years Headstrong Amplifiers has been building boutique hand wired replica and original amplifier designs for some of the world’s most renowned guitar players and musicians. If you’re tired of your tone getting pushed around, maybe it’s time to try a HEADSTRONG!

3rd Power


Dave’s Corner: Boutique Amp Guide Part I

I frequently receive messages from guitarists who are in the market for something new in a boutique amp, but are baffled by the broad selection available today. Richard Goodsell of Atlanta, GA, was working on Hammond organs and Leslie cabinets for several years before deciding to convert a spare Hammond tube chassis into a small guitar amp. The result would become the Super 17, Goodsell’s flagship, a dual-EL84 amp producing 17 watts which is now in its fourth iteration as the Mark IV. Goodsell amps are all hand-wired using quality components, and tend toward the more compact end of the scale, too, which has made them a popular club amp with many city dwellers in particular. The pair sold an amp to Carlos Santana while the company was still in its infancy, and quickly gathered a string of major players on its artists roster, developing a reputation as one of the premier makers at the upper echelon of the boutique market in the process. Dave Hunter is a writer and musician who has worked extensively in the USA and the UK. The author of The Guitar Amp Handbook, Guitar Effects Pedals, Guitar Amps & Effects For Dummies, The Gibson Les Paul and several other books, Dave is also a regular contributor to Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar magazines.